Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

The Interstellar - Movie Review

By Pranjal Pandey

Photo Source: Reddit
Interstellar is a science fiction movie co-written, co-produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie is about a team of astronauts who are on a mission to a mysterious wormhole to find the human race a new home after earth is struck with worldwide food shortages and corn is the most valuable food. Utilizing a mysterious wormhole, they explore strange new worlds that could possibly be a new home and will save the human race. In my opinion, Interstellar is Nolan’s best and most brazenly ambitious film to date. Around the American Midwest, lives Cooper, an ex-science engineer, and pilot, who is tied to his farming land with his daughter Murph and son Tom. As a devastating sandstorms ravage the Earth's crops, the people of Earth realize that their life here is coming to an end, and food here on earth soon will begin to run out. Cooper and his daughter Murph accidently discover the secret NASA base near their home, because of his (Cooper) scientific intellect and ability to pilot aircraft like any other crew members, Cooper is asked to go on a daring mission with a few other scientists into a wormhole. To find a new home and save the humanity cooper agrees to go on the mission upsetting Murph. So, a crew of five depart on a daring mission to the warm hole, including Brand’s daughter Amelia Brand, a couple of engineers, and the robots TARS and CASE. But the main problem out there in space is time dilation, on the far side of the wormhole, with the planets on the lip of an enormous black hole, time is far more stretched out (relatively slower) than it is on Earth, with years, even decades, flashing past in an hour or two. In general, time on our side of the wormhole moves faster than time on the other side. Due to close distance with a nearby black hole (Gargantua), time on the other side is exponentially slower. Thus, time on Miller’s planet moves significantly slower: for every hour that the team spends on that planet, seven years pass back on earth, a primary reason that Cooper is motivated to get off the planet as soon as possible. Cooper knows very well that spending hours on the planet’s surface will cost him decades of time with his family back on earth. When Cooper falls inside the Gargantua black hole, effect of gravity on space-time helps him to communicate with young Murph, allowing Cooper to spell out a message (“S-T-A-Y”) by pushing books off of Murph’s shelf – or communicate map coordinates to the past version of himself by spreading dust all over the floor (in binary language). Most importantly, the fifth-dimensional communication through gravity that is made visible by three-dimensional objects back on Earth enables Cooper to gently manipulate the hands on Murph’s watch – transferring the data that TARS acquired. Subsequently, translating that coded data gives Murph all the information she needs to drastically advance humanity’s understanding of space and time. At last Cooper and his team are able to colonize the people on Cooper station (named after Murph) and save humanity from being extinct. The main reason I liked the movie interstellar is my great passion with space and space-related activities. I loved interstellar because it depicted my ultimate childhood dream, which is to travel through space and explore the vastness of space. To view a black hole like they did in the movie was priceless. The theories suggested in the movie can advance humanity's understanding of space and time.