Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Movie Club Screens 'The Human Planet - Ocean into Blue'

By Ankit Pradhan

On June 19 2014, The Documentary Club screened the documentary film “The Human Planet- Ocean into Blue”. The Human Planet is a documentary series shown by British television. This documentary series is produced by BBC with co –production from Discovery. This documentary series shows the relationship between human species and the natural world, and the adaptation capabilities of humans. This documentary series was announced in 2007, the channel spent three years shooting over 70 stories in some of the most remote locations on Earth in over more than 40 countries. The documentary club started the show at 10:50 am which lasted for nearly 58 minutes. The documentary explains the adaptability of human beings in ocean and living near sea shores. It explains how only one creature in this world has carved its habitat itself in every environment. It also highlights how human life is related to water and how more than 50% of human life depends upon water. Sometimes people take help from the wild animals to hunt. As shown in this series, the fishermen of Brazil hunt with the help of wild animals. They use the help of dolphins to hunt large number of fish as they cannot see through muddy waters. Both dolphin and fisherman are so close that each fisherman can recognize the dolphins by their name. In another part we see how a whole village unites to hunt a whale as they live near sea shore and don’t have enough food. They risk their life to hunt a whale so that the whole village would have food for more than three months. It was also shown that many people near Caro Sea live in a boat, their entire life. A lady named Nohra was born in boat and prefers to live on water than land as she has land sickness since she has adapted to live floating in water. It was quite fascinating to see how they have developed their skills as per the environment. A man named Sobin can hold his breath inside water for more than 5 minutes while hunting. He said that he felt more comfortable in water than land. Humans learn to survive in any environment, given enough time. It was interesting to be reminded of that.