Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

The Gift

By DWIT News

The Gift by Aadesh Dhakal
Adam and Eve had been married for nearly a year now. It was their marriage anniversary next week. They had been a couple for almost three years before they were married hence they were no strangers. They knew each others likes and dislikes very well indeed. And because of their marriage anniversary, each thought of a beautiful gift to give to the other. And hence their life went on as usual. Adam worked on a candy factory, packaging candies in a box. Of course, the pay was not good. But Adam was determined to please Eve with his gift. He had been thinking of earrings, an earring Eve had wanted to buy but she could not afford it. Adam wanted to sell a vintage watch to buy the earring. The watch was the only thing of value his grandfather had left him. So, Adam was reluctant to sell. But the watch had been broken for quite a long time so if anything did not come up in the next couple of days, Adam would sell his grandfathers watch and buy Eve the earring. Adam made up his mind. Eve was a house wife. She was doing a correspondent course in a nearby community college and wanted to be a teacher. She had thought of giving Adam a watch she had seen in a shop a few weeks ago. Adam had a watch his grandfather had left him but it was broken. But she could not afford the watch. She decided on selling her one and only earring for the watch. The big day arrived. They want to a small restaurant to celebrate. After a romantic dinner, they gave each other their gifts. After unwrapping, they found out that they both had done the same thing for each other. That made them immensely happy because at this point, they knew that both of them loved each other equally and  that only love is constant in this world, other things are just mere details.