Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

The Gender Discrimination and The Lofty Goal to Reduce it.

By Ashmita Kunwar

This is the 21st century; everything has changed and has been modified. Nothing is same as it was before as we know changing is a natural process that goes on and on. Men and women were two different creatures that were created by God in the beginning of the world as the most advanced creatures among all other living creatures. With no partiality god created them and shipped them to the ground, but we have always been discriminating between male and female. Since many years ago, women have always been given second class status. Females are marginalized from each and every facility and barred the rights they are supposed to get due to discrimination. These days, people are talking big saying that there is no gender discrimination anymore, but reality is something else. Yes, it might be true in case of developed countries, but not in our country like Nepal. Out of the 23 million people in our country, half are female, whose condition is still low. This is the cause behind the conservative taboos and the illiteracy of the people here in Nepal. Growing in a Nepali society for many years, I can easily say what gender discrimination is. I don’t need to babble about someone else, I can give my own example. If my brother asks to go out, he easily gets permission but when I ask the same, I am questioned what, where, why am I going out? This is what discrimination is. This is all because people believe that we females are not powerful enough like males. We always hear the same typical dialogue in Nepali “kti manche vayera……” Females from developed countries have reached to the social level of male and progressed a lot, but what about our country Nepal? Are they equally treated? Are they caged and have limited options? Are they provided with all their basic rights? My answer is a big “NO”. They are deprived of very basic things that are supposed to get. Hundreds and the thousands of women in Nepal are still suffering needlessly today. Discrimination starts form the day when they know that the infant inside the mother’s womb is female. People abort the girl child. Women are burnt alive by their in-laws if she gives birth to a girl child and also if she doesn’t bring any dowry from her parents. There are many cases where many girls are mentally tortured like girl trafficking, domestic violence, prostitution, early marriage etc. These are the big issues caused due to gender discrimination and is the cause behind the underdevelopment of our country as a whole. The reality in some parts of our country is devastating. To those who read this article, focusing to the female readers, we are comparatively more educated and lucky enough that we can at least write such articles, post it and express our feelings. Thus, in that sense we have some power in our hand, the ability to fight with the society for the rights of women and against the discrimination. It is us who have to initiate and make other people join us, bring change in the social status of the female. Until and unless every single woman becomes economically and socially capable, the discrimination will never cease. The best way to make people realize that female are equally capable is by us setting an example being more potent and powerful than boys and competing with boys for the positive change of the society. It is a challenge for all girls like us to up-lift the females who are deprived from every single little things. “If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back, and get it right side up again! And now they is asking to do it, the men better let them.” - Sojourner Truth