Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

The First Book Reading session of 2018 ends

By Simran Parajuli

Photo Courtesy: Jubindra KC
Deerwalk Literature Society conducted the last session of its book reading event on 30th March. Book reading session, as its name suggests, is all about reading the same book by all the participants and sharing their analysis. The book that was chosen for the event was “A Good Earth” by Pearl S. Buck, a Pulitzer prize winner.  The session was conducted in a classroom with 11 participants. The event was conducted with an aim to discuss the different perception of different minds. The session started with all the participants settled with the book in their hand. The session was accompanied with some snacks. The session began with the president, Aadesh Dhakal, speaking about why he liked the book. He said “ The book has many things that I liked. The book is a perfect combination of fiction accompanied by the basic reality of our lives. The book somehow shows the reality of the lives of poor people. The book also intends to convey a message about the importance  of earth and climate change.” The session was held for 3 hours. All the participants were eager to share their perceptions. The participants conjured up their analysis and spoke about it. Everyone was eager to put their thoughts into words and showing that the other speaker got it amiss and was just a misinterpretation. This fact made the environment interactive and the event successful. A lot of discussions, thoughts, and analysis made the session successful.The event ended with a movie session. The hospitality of popcorns, pastries made the event more cherishable. The session ended with a positive energy and enthusiasm for more of such book reading sessions.