Sun, 26 May, 2024

The Financial Game – Chinese Super league

By Giriraj Khatri

President Xi Jinping Playing Football                                                                                           Photo Courtesy: BBC
China made headlines in football news after the Chinese conglomerate Wanda Group signed an agreement with FIFA to sponsor four World Cup until 2030. From then, the football News has been covered with football activities of China. Chinese President Xi Jinping, a football enthusiast, has a significant influence in ongoing activities occurring Chinese football as he announced his vision to qualify, host, and win the World Cup by 2050 and be the powerhouse in football. With the government's back up, the Chinese clubs' spending splurge on football is reverberating around the world. Supported by major commercial tycoons, the Chinese have been offering an amount that could lure any footballer on Earth. The journey began with signing Sven-Goran Eriksson as the National manager who had managed the likes of England, Manchester City, and AS Roma. Since then the signing of big names has been going on, and it does not show any sign of stopping. The flow of quality player to West will reverse if China continues to offer huge amounts to footballers. When Europe’s best clubs are dealing in million dollars, Chinese clubs have started to offer billion dollars. Shanghai Greenland Shenhua FC have made Carlos Tevez of Argentina the highest paid player after signing him from Boca junior. The other big names include Oscar, Ramires, Alex Teixeira, Jackson Martinez, Gervinho, and Fredy Guarin. There has been a rumor going on for football’s megastar Cristiano Ronaldo being offered billion dollars to travel to China. These big deals have raised the profile of the sport in China but will it profit the investor and the country? With the megastars coming into the country, there has been fear of local talents going unnoticed. It may increase the league standard but will it help in the development of strong National team that can win the World Cup and fulfill the President’s dream; only time will tell. But, currently, the Chinese football fans are happy and firmly believe in the improvement of performance by their national team. China has come into the football world like a hurricane, but will it's financial power help it to acquire success or create a shaky foundation? China's goal is a long term goal, and China is fully into it. Nepal being a neighboring country may have some impacts of football activities in China.