Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

The Essence Of Time

By Akshath Andrew Gardner

Time is of the essence, is a phrase often heard, If you wait long enough, you may be able to grow a beard, Yet the essence of time, many never ‘stood, Productive use of it will always be good.   I don’t have time, many have said, But that's all they have, without being led, To a place where we can see, Whether the future is ours, or not meant to be.   You can focus on things, that aren’t real, Whether or not you can make the deal, Six feet under, when you start to settle, You realize you can't even take with you a kettle.   How do we know? In a place like Nepal, Where cows are worshiped and people aren't very tall, That time is a factor, that most don't ponder, But what is the essence of life, I wonder?   The essence of life, I can say without strife, Is making good use of time, So you can feel sublime.