Fri, 24 May, 2024

The Effect of Commercialization on Sport

By Ashmita Kunwar

There was always a good cause for the invention of different sports events like the Olympic Games, World Cup, SAFF Championship and many more. The Olympic Games were introduced in 776 BC by the Greeks to improve the often frosty relations with neighboring states. Even today, the motive of international sports events like the World Cup, Olympics or various sport events, is to encourage the feeling of healthy competition, brotherhood and sportsmanship in the players. However, money has infiltrated most of the sports and has changed the very foundations of them. Commercialization has changed the form and the dimensions of sports. Today all kinds of sports are commercialized, among them; football and cricket are drastically commercialized sports, compared to what they used to be in the past. Now, the players are financially secured for life, they receive huge sums of money for a single match. Teams are ready to spend millions to acquire the services of players, more like “Messiahs”, to ensure glory. In the past, teams had to sweat blood to win league titles, but today wealthy clubs can ‘buy’ success. Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea are some of the clubs ready to shell-out hundreds of millions to get the most highly rated players. But, they are not at loss; ticket sales and fan-club membership bring back the money in a matter of days. Spending money however is not always beneficial. The players are under immense pressure to prove their worth. They have to perform in every game to prove that they are worth the money. Coaches are also under a lot of pressure to deliver the results. Commercialization in sport has meant that any small failure and coaches are sacked from their jobs. Players are using performance enhancing drugs to win the match, therefore, it is no surprise to see or hear about sportsmanship being lost. This has changed the attitude of the players, they don’t play because they love it but play to earn money. Teams have adopted a “win, and win at all costs” strategy, even taking up foul means. Cricket used to be a gentleman’s game, but that is a thing of the past. There is so much money, that players are becoming more arrogant by the day. The commercialization has given rise to match fixing in cricket. Sledging and arguments between opponents have also washed out the exciting flavor of cricket. Commercialization is having a major effect on many sports. The stench of money is outweighing  the fragrance of healthy competition in sports.a Sports players do not care if they have to step on someone to reach the finishing line. Commercialization is ruining the inner talent of the player and has forced them just to win the game not play the sport.