Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

The Consciousness of a Literate

By Saurav Karki

We all know, when a title of 'literate' is throned to someone, the man is considered to be highly intelligent with good academic degrees. He doesn't believe in old superstitious dumb beliefs. He spends most of his time hanging on the internet because he is a modern fellow. He believes in the words written in the books and he holds the same opinions to others as in the book through the writers rested century ago. He keeps his daily routine updated and keeps scientific opinions towards everything. Also in our society, In generalization, the people having a great experience, sufficient wealth, and strong political backup are also referred as "Honorary Literates". They have no idea to deal with a pen and paper and yet they are making paper industries and doing great business. They rely on other's principles and still, they are called as literates. When it comes to the word 'consciousness', then it is highly regarded as the ideas generated by the 'literate' person. The ideas should be sweet, clear and pleasing, able to electrify the crowds and should be able to deal them with great respect. They are also supposed to be honest and worthy by following the ideas prevailing from the centuries ago. Overall, the man is wise. I live in underdeveloped country Nepal, where countable numbers of 'literate' people can be found. The recent census of 2011 also portrayed increasing number of the 'literate' persons in our society. Each day the number of 'literate' people is rising and it wouldn't be wrong to say that despite the higher rate of literacy, a major part of the economy is supported by remittance of Nepali workers, working abroad in harsh condition. Yet, we are proud to call ourselves 'literate'. In the rest of the world, If they find minerals and petroleum products then they make the best possible utilization. In our country If somewhere natural gas is found, we hail our almighty lord and build a temple for the fire he provided. It is because we are 'literate' and by virtue of our vision, also 'conscious'. To have a better understanding, we can just watch a glimpse of our society and environment. When a highly professional person is cheated for small things or price, he let it goes. He doesn't want to be involved in argument and discussion because he has a good image of being 'literate and conscious'. Isn't he favoring injustice? But on the other hand, the people who are called Ignorant and heathen, rebels and complains about every single vermin deeds acted upon them. They even fight for a single penny earned by their sweat. But they are not famed as 'conscious'. Instead, they are offended for being less standard by those same 'literate' people. What's the meaning of being literate when we can't raise our voice against injustice and vermin deeds? Where goes our consciousness, when we know we are being cheated and still let it be as if nothing has happened? The fault is not in the books we have read till this days. The fault is not in the government, as we, the people, curse the leaders because they are the same 'conscious' people elected by the 'literate' people like us. The fault is in the way we think and judge. The fault lies inside us, inside our views and inside our literateness. A really literate man is always conscious and a conscious man even if he lacks academic degrees, does have a greater vision.

About Author:
Saurav Karki is BBA undergrad at Nepal Commerce Campus, Tribhuvan University. Cool, Frank, Freaky, none of these words have enough power to describe him. At his best, he is a photographer, who explores the wonders of nature as a profound traveler. His interests include Accountancy, Music, Social services and reading Literatures. He writes, when his heart provokes him, thus hurls his pen relative with the paper.