Sun, 10 Dec, 2023

That’s How God and Religions Work

By Prakriti Shree Tuladhar

One of my best memories on the lessons of God was in moral science class. Our teacher said, “God is omnipresent. He is present everywhere. He’s with you when you are at your home, when you are with friends, with family. He’s with you when you are alone. He’s in the air, the water, the soil and the nature. He is..” Wait... So we breathe God? We step on God? That pretty much spoilt the whole lesson for me and for everyone else. Though that line was a little bit confusing and I write ‘little’ but I mean ‘a lot’. It’s still hard to not believe in God. The other thought that I would love to unquestioningly believe but most times come to doubt is religion. All religions are almost similar. They preach the same thing, but differently. And that difference is what causes people to turn against each other, to doubt each other and to fight each other. And that’s what has happened over and over and over again till the history of religion has been smeared with the blood of thousands of children of God who have happily given up their lives for it. Man is a violent creature; capable of great evil. And if we didn’t have had a check to restrain ourselves, if we weren’t governed by love and fear, we would unleash our dark side and justify it as the right thing to do. Sure, religions have created war when they had to keep peace, but we still have not lost the hope for peace, hope in God and hope in a better future. That’s what religion and God give us. The best example of it being the true fact is that ‘hospitals have heard truer prayers than the places of religion ever will.’ But like everything else in this world, it comes with a price. The price isn’t money or time, but instead the price is disputes and conflicts. When you believe in the law of balance, there should be equal amount of giving and receiving. For us to be happy, we must first be sad. So, for us to have peace, we must have war to balance it out. Maybe that’s how our existence works. And if it is so, then that’s how God and religions work as well.