Thu, 22 Feb, 2024

Technology Series: DWIT News Website

By Sushant Gurung

DWIT News is the news site run by a group of students of Deerwalk Institute of Technology. On the website, the news on different categories are uploaded by the students. The students are assigned to three different posts: Editor-in-chief, Editors and Reporters. The reporters collect the news on different categories like Know Your Neighborhood, Opinion, Technology series and so on. The reporters submit the news to their respective editors to edit. After the editors finish editing, they send it to Editors-in-chief to publish it on the news site. The contents of the site are updated weekly. The website is designed by the Designing team from Deerwalk Services. The Designing team has made use of Wordpress for the development of the website. Wordpress is the free and open online blogging tool where one can create blogs easily. Wordpress allows the users to install different themes to help them change the look and functionality of the website. They provide us themes where we can edit the PHP, HTML & CSS code for the advance feature and one can customize their designs through custom theme. For DWIT News, the designing team has designed their own theme and then they uploaded it to the Wordpress and customized it in a language understood by Wordpress. They have used PHP, HTML/CSS for the front end and My SQL as a database tool for the back end. When Editors receive the articles from the reporters assigned to them, they edit the articles. After the final editing from the editors is done, it is passed to Editors-in-chief. It is then the job of Editors-in-Chief to proofread them and publish it to the website. There are different administrative tools provided by Wordpress like Dashboards, Posts, Media, Pages, Comments, etc.. They click the Posts provided on the left side of the page of the administrative tools from which they can add, delete and edit posts as well as manage the images needed in that report. Clicking the ‘Add new’ button, they can upload the news. They also put the images side by side needed in the report. #10 Due to the content management system (cms) of Wordpress, it is very easy to create and manage custom content types for the site. It adds the flexibility to have more than just posts and pages for content by allowing the user to register their own post types that can use their separate theming from the post and page template along with its own permalink structure. There is a box named Categories where they choose on which the news falls on and click the category name. For instance, if someone submits the news about the Technology series, then they select the technology option. After that, on the Publish box they schedule the post for Monday 5:00 PM. This is how our news site is being run and the contents are being updated every week on the web site.