Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

Technology Series: Deerwalk Canteen Management System

By Nikita Gautam

Developments in technology are intended for convenient and easy functioning of different projects. Deerwalk Canteen Management System (DCMS) is an achievement that has made canteen management much more efficient than the use of traditional methods. Deerwalk was established in 2009 with a handful of employees and now it stands as the second largest software company in Nepal. It is one of the fastest growing companies of Nepal. The canteen management system was started in Deerwalk back in October 2011, for the ease, comfort and provision of healthy food. Before the canteen management system was put in place, employees used to place orders in person. This system was working well, but began to get tedious with the increasing number of employees in the company. The manual system was slow, time consuming and messy.  To resolve this problem, the concept of DCMS was introduced. Deerwalk, being a software company was able to conceptualize and implement their ideas on their own. So, employees of Deerwalk built the Canteen Management System (DCMS), which is a centralized web application. This application was developed using ASP.NET 4.0, C# and MSSQL. The employees, staff members as well as the students currently studying in Deerwalk Institute of Technology are authorized to access this serviceby logging into the system at . Each member has a unique id and password. After logging in members can view the menu of the day and place orders accordingly. Deerwalk Canteen has been serving more than 200 people (including 50+ people from Deerwalk Institute of Technology.) dcms deerwalk Different food items are available at different times of day. If one wants to order a breakfast item in the morning he/she needs to click to the breakfast menu, where the list of items available is displayed along with the price of each item. One can also select the number of items he/she wants to order. The numbers of items, which are unavailable for the day, are left grayed out. Thus one can easily view and select only the items that are available. After selecting the variety of items one should click the submit button to place the order. Recently, a new feature called ‘serve me’ has been added. One can place orders whenever he/she likes just by clicking the ‘serve me’ button. The notification is received by the canteen staff and they work accordingly. Along with these features, one can view the list of items he/she has had ordered till date. There is a feedback system where members can place comments, like/dislike the items and submit suggestions.  One can also view the amount that has been deducted after placing the order and remaining amount in his/her account. Students currently studying in DWIT pay their bills to the account section. The Canteen Administration keeps an eye on this particular section and has a record of food items in demand so they can plan accordingly. For easier access, an android application of DCMS is introduced. Through this, users can now use the system from their Android phones too. The Canteen Management System of Deerwalk has been insuring the satisfaction of its customers and has been enabling smooth operation with efficient processing.