Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

Sekhar Basnet Shares His Internet Journey

By Ankit Pradhan

Photo: Sekhar Basnet talking to the DWIT students Photo Courtesy: DeerExpress Club This week DWIT had invited a guest from DWS, Mr. Shekhar Basnet, who had recently joined DWS. He had spent his past 17 years (1997-2014) working in Mercantile Pvt. Ltd. Basnet was quite free and frank while giving his speech; he wanted everyone to enjoy his speech. There are two types of speakers, one who gives energy and one who drains energy from the audience; he was energy giving person as everyone was enjoying his speech. In his speech, he linked his talk with some jokes so everybody could have fun and listen to him. He said that, “I don’t believe in formality and so, let us all have this talk as informal.” This reflected his personality and showed his character. The talk program was mainly focused on the history of internet in Nepal. Basnet is one of the people who properly knows the history of internet since he was working in the company that first brought internet services in Nepal and commercialized it. When internet was brought in Nepal for the first time, it was primarily used for email only since many people didn’t know much about computers and internet. The cost of internet was humungous at that time. He added, “You had to pay Rs.12 per minute for dial up service which was really slow and frustrating at times.”  Nowadays internet is really cheap in Nepal but it is not in par with some of the developed countries of the world. In our 50th edition, we will be writing about “History of Internet in Nepal”. So, if you are eager to know about it, keep on visiting. Cheers!!!