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Pranab Man Singh Pradhan Talks About Precautions and Solutions To Earthquake

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Photo: Pranab Man Singh sharing knowledge Photo Courtesy: Yunish Shakya On June 4th 2015, Mr Pranab Man Singh Pradhan visited DeerWalk Institute of Technology to interact with the students and have a talk program with them on awareness and safety precautions that a building must have to with stand an earthquake. He is an architect and consultant on architecture. He is also a visiting faculty at DWIT, IOE Pulchowkm and SeaGare Institute of Technology. He has received certificate of Building Construction Technician from St. Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines. Mr Prashan began the program by giving the students some tips on how to know if a house is safe or not. He pointed out that cracks are common because that earthquake was huge and there is bound to be some cracks in the walls. He also said that,  if a crack is very big it should be immediately looked at by a professional. That cracks on the walls are not to be taken lightly. He talked about the history of Nepal and how the country is prone to earthquakes. [gallery ids="6995,6994,6997"] Photo Courtesy: Yunish Shakya He talked about the code of conduct a building must follow to be safe from earthquakes. He said that, “In Nepal, people tend to build houses very fast. They tend to overlook safety over money. People build houses that are unsafe.” He further added that, “The architect and structural engineers try to build that houses that are safe. There is a procedure that a person must follow if he/she wants to build a house. The problem is, the owner wants the house ready as soon as possible so the construction workers skip some of the plans that was done for the construction of the building. This makes the building weak.” He ended that program by handing out pamphlets about how the municipality manages that buildings, their blueprints and the construction. The pamphlets contain many useful information on what steps must be followed to build a safe house.