Thu, 22 Feb, 2024

Talk Program with Jeff Gasser

By Shreha Regmi

A talk program was held in the Lhotse hall with the President of Deerwalk Inc. USA, Jeff Gasser. Mr. Gasser is a successful entrepreneur who gave a short speech on how to improve oneself and how to develop talking and presenting skills. In spite of having a bad health, he attended the talk program where the crowd was supporting. The talk program turned out to be very interactive and everyone enjoyed thoroughly. Mr. Gasser recalled his early days, 35 years back, when he was studying accounting and was hired for an internship. He was nervous, for he thought that he wouldn’t get selected, but his assumption turned out to be wrong. He was studying at school full time, he was doing his internship and also had to give an exam of 19.5 hours. “It was an amazing experience”, he said. The boss was so amazed by his performance that he was given a job in the company. After some years, he got promoted to a controller earning an amount of $25000. He gave an inspiring speech on developing our interpersonal skills. “It is very important to learn social skills and to interact.” He shared an experience where he himself faced trouble going in front and talking to all the people staring at him. “Fight through your fears. People must know when they get the opportunity and make the best out of it. We have to stand out of the crowd. We must take the time to help others and be a good citizen. Never give up, be encouraged and be willing to accept any challenges you face to stick out.” He added, “Do it because it has to be done. Be the underdog and do the stuffs that the big guys can’t do. Life is full of challenges and failures.” He also mentioned that whenever we fall, we must get up, brush ourselves off and move along. He suggested the students to not ever lose the sight of their ultimate goal. “Get over the shyness and try to be an extrovert. Personality can overcome any shortcoming. So, always be challenging, comfortable and respectful.” He added. His talk ended on a fine note followed by a Q&A session, where a lot of questions were thrown to him. Everyone was very much inspired by the program.