Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Talk Program by Renuka Sharma

By Aabishkar Pandey

Image: Documentary Moie Dramatics
On 30th March, Friday, The DeerExpress Club in collaboration with The Documentary Club organized a talk program with Renuka Sharma. Renuka Sharma is a social hero fighting for the rights of women against domestic violence and the founder of The Women’s Foundation. The talk session was based on stories of people who were rescued especially women who were the victim of domestic violence in rural areas. The session started at around 11 Am with a warm welcome to Miss Sharma. She presented her slides on  The Women’s Foundation organization and the works it had done in the past to rescue women from violence. The slides also included the future plans of the organization. Miss Sharma actually shared amongst the students the harsh reality of our society, the inhumane torturing and killing of women in rural areas for the smallest reasons like not giving birth to a boy child. She then showed the women fully recovered after the rescue and the life they were leading currently. She also invited the audience to visit the shelter homes. The program ended on a formal note when she was handed the token of love by Samjhana Pokharel, the mentor of Documentary Movie Dramatics Club. Talk programs from such inspiring figures not only brings them in light but also motivates the young learning minds to actually brainstorm for ideas to solve such prevailing problems in the society.