Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

Talent Or Hard work

By Suraj Prasai

Photo Courtesy: Ashmita Kunwar  What do you think is more important, hard work or talent? Hard work generally means a great deal of effort and endurance to be successful in any work. Talent means natural aptitude or skills in any particular field. By definition, a person who achieves success through his talent has it easier than the person who strives hard day and night for success. But what is talent without hard work? Would Cristiano Ronaldo still be the famous Cristiano Ronaldo that the world knows if he only relied on his talent and not his hard work? Would Steve Jobs be universally recognized if he had stopped making further products after “Apple 1” 40 years ago? The answer is no. So the most important thing is not talent, it’s hard work. Just like Kevin Durant said, "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard". Of course talent gives us a head start but it is always the hard work that we put in that helps to win the race. If one is not willing to harvest and cultivate their talent, then that talent is pretty much useless. Many people think that all you need to succeed in life is talent. However, talent alone, without perseverance or endurance, is nothing. Hard working people have an obsession with what they are doing. Talent can get someone to a high level; however, hard work takes people above and beyond that. Science proves that “talented” people get farther in life as long as they are working as hard as “the hard working” people. But hard work is also not enough. It is clear that no matter how hard someone works, without an understanding of the field, all that work will just go in vain. This understanding of the field is an acquired talent. Without it, nothing can be achieved. So, the question who is better, a hard working person or a talented person may not be the right question to ask. It has no definite answer. However, if we find the right balance between hard work and talent, then the choice is obvious. So, in my opinion, hard work creates talent, and furthermore hard work with talent creates a genius.