Thu, 22 Feb, 2024

What Does It Take to be Independent?

By Ashmita Kunwar

Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam

Wherever we live, whatever religion we follow, we all are Nepali and we love Nepal. If you kill the police by burning them alive, if you want to divide Nepal, if you kill a sleeping baby, if you stop the petrol supply or if you cut the finger and body parts of an innocent Nepali, then be sure that you are not a Nepali. This is the best way to find out who Nepali is and who is just acting to be one.

Congratulations to our newly elected Prime Minister K.P. Oli! Sir, everything is up to you now. You will be the one to lead us. You are the one in whom we all Nepalese have faith. Hope you will soon make a way to end the current state of our country.

To speak up - we have land to cultivate, more than enough water for electricity, tourists who come to see the natural beauty, Bir Gorkhalis to fight for the country against any enemy. However, in reality, there is no use of having such things because we're still dependent on our neighbors. This has been proven by the recent problems that we have been facing because of the “unofficial” blockade by India. We are totally dependent on India for our livelihood. At present, we have no food to eat, no gas to cook, no petrol to run vehicles. Being dependent on India for such products makes them feel that they are superior to us. By supplying necessary products to us, in return, India wants to rule us in its own way. All the Nepali people have now realized that there was no truth and positivity in the “sweet” speech of Modi. We are no more going to fall for his sweet speeches, who, when in Nepal says, “Buddha was born in Nepal” and when outside Nepal says, “Buddha was born in India”.

Though our country is small, nature has given us everything that we need. We shall not have to beg with others if we utilize the natural resources properly. Something that is missing is the lack of coordination between leaders who have all the power to make things work. They are the ones to lead us, make decisions and make things to be in the right order. However, they put their selfishness before the country's need, when it should have been the other way around.

One major thing that needs to be improved first is the behavior of leaders. They need to put their words into practice. Not just talk the talk, but walk the walk as well. They need to stop fighting for power and their greed. They all need to think about Nepal and Nepali people with a hope to move forward. The so-called leaders need to understand that it is their own country and that there is nothing good in doing bad for your country or countrymen. If you do good, you will be blessed by the three crore Nepali people. Help Nepal and lead it to the path that it needs to be on.

From the current situation, one of the important things we have to learn is to not beg with others and especially with India. Whatever the situation is, do not beg India for support because India is like a slow poison for us. It will slowly kill the pride of Nepal and Nepali people. If we really need help, then let us take help from those countries who do not question a nation's constitution.

Make use of water that we have been gifted by nature and in return make India plea to us. Promote and help grow the businesses in our country. This will help to reduce unemployment and improve the economy of the country. Increase the agricultural productions, fulfill the needs of farmers, motivate them, and make it easier for them to supply what they have cultivated to every parts of our country (like the renowned Apple from Mustang). Create peace and prosperity; make sure that whoever comes to Nepal feels safe and secure.

Let us make Nepal an independent, developed and peaceful country. Jai Nepal!