Sun, 26 May, 2024

Is The Tag 'The Biggest Shame in History' Given to Brazilian’s Loss in The Semis Reasonable?

By Ruby Shrestha

Brazilians losing the semis against Germany by six goals was viewed with much dismay and contempt around the world, especially in Brazil, the soccer-engrossed nation. The immense impact of defeat over the nation was evident from the headlines of the leading Brazilian newspapers bluntly referring the loss as “Historic Disgrace” and “Shame, Grief and Humiliation” in the days after the defeat. Not only Brazil, many other countries, their newspapers and websites, regarded the host nation’s debacle as “The Biggest Shame in History”. However, can it really be regarded as such? Why is the world highlighting it as the biggest disgrace for the nation? I believe that victories and losses are undeniable parts of any sport and losing a game by six goals, which a majority of people consider to be a significant number, does not make a country, which values sports so much, a complete loser. It should neither make the Brazilian players a victim of shameful comments nor should it raise any doubts on their capabilities. Similarly, should not give the game that they lost the tag of “The Biggest Shame in History”.  The players gave as much as they could for their nation. Why deride them and the sport of the country, which actually deserves respect, with such acrimony? I reckon the world does not know the real meaning of shame. It is emphasizing the loss of a game as the biggest shame in history while leaving the actual subjects deserving shame unnoticed. If we start considering losing big game events in one’s homeland to be the biggest disgrace, what should we consider the privileged knowingly increasing and ignoring the problems of the underprivileged? How about the president who is negligent about the rights of the needy and destitute citizens? And, what about a person in a responsible post closing his/her eyes at the dire poverty, starvation, illiteracy and crimes taking the lives of many people? Aren’t these more shameful? According to me, these, rather than the Brazilian team losing the semi-finals by six goals, ought to be considered the biggest disgrace. The world should be more concerned about these issues rather than exaggerating this petty non-issue. A huge number of people around the world enjoyed World Cup 2014, but only a few know the tragedy the poor Brazilian population had to go through during its preparations. The Brazilian government demolished the favela settlements for the construction of stadiums and infrastructures to service the World Cup attendees. This resulted in about 1.5 million homeless people in Brazil. The after-effects of displacement resulted in increased crime, poverty, starvation, strikes, violence and chaos. However, President Rouseff did not favor addressing these issues as much as she favored striving to meet FIFA’s conditions for the World Cup. According to some news sites, she was negligent despite the pressures from humanitarian organizations such as Amnesty International. She strived to meet FIFA’s conditions but failed to meet her responsibility of taking care of the poverty-struck people of her country and maintaining a chaos free situation. A muted minority was overlooked for financial, tourism and fame development of the nation. I find this more shameful than Brazil not living up to its expectations in the World Cup!