Sun, 26 May, 2024

Syndicate System in Transportation: A Mass Murdering System

By Dipesh Poudel

On August 15, 2016, a tragic bus accident in Birta Deurali of Kavre killed around 30 people. Overload of passengers and poor condition of the bus was the reason behind this accident. Along with those reasons, poor condition of roads is yet another reason for such accidents. Out of three mentioned reasons overload is on the top of the list. If we dig deeper then we can find that Syndicate system in public transportation is responsible for forcing people to travel in few available buses causing the bus to overload and this overload becomes a reason for bus accidents.

The Competition Promotion & Market Protection Act 2006 also barred syndicates, route monopoly and anti-competitive practices of all forms. The ban on syndicates was not fully implemented. Due to the syndicate system in public transportation, the market is not free and open to all. The bus association decides the number of buses on this specific route. If anyone wants to put the new bus in the route they have to pay two to three times the cost of the bus. This discourages people from getting in the business of public transportation. Due to this reason buses are limited in that route and  people are forced to travel in overloaded buses risking their life. When the bus is overloaded it puts pressure on the bus and its condition gets bad very fast, which is another reason for bus accidents.

The Syndicate system in the transportation has proven to be a mass murdering system. This system and people themselves who are running it are responsible for many accidents. This system must be discarded  away as soon as possible.