Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

If You Had a Super Power, What Would You Change in Nepal and Why?

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Wow! Living with super powers can be really cool. Imagine, what would we do differently if we were blessed with super powers? Let’s take the examples like Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and all the other heroes with super powers; they did something to protect their town/city. So, if we had a super power, what would we change in Nepal? Something to ponder upon, right?

DWIT News team asked a couple of people their views. Here is what we received:

If I had a super power, I would change the royal massacre of Jesth 19 because after that incident, the condition of Nepal has changed completely. The political condition has become worse and development activities are going too slow because of the increase in corruption. Biswash Khatiwada, Third Year Student, BDS, Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar

I would change the way of thinking and attitude of Nepalese, and the political system and ongoing crimes mostly involving children and women. These things are not only degrading our country but also increasing crime. I would punish all those culprits who are roaming freely outside in such a way that no other criminals will try to commit any of such crimes. Samikshya Subedi, Second Year Student, BHM, College of Applied Business, Kathmandu

I would change Nepalese, not Nepal, because changing citizens’ perceptions is the key to a greater change in the nation. For instance, the streets are full of rubbish; it would be easier for people to clean it rather than waiting for someone to propose a law regarding it. A slight change in perception and thought can make a huge difference. We should change our attitude and not wait for someone to change the law. Milan Thapa, First Year Student, BSc.CSIT, Texas International College, Chabahil

If I had a superpower, I would change the system of Nepal. I shall firstly take these politicians into the space and leave them there. Next important thing will be giving self-defense training to every girl so that there won't be any cases of rape and acid attacks. Aabha Shrestha, Nurse, Nobel Hospital, Sinamangal

I would change the political system of Nepal if I got a superpower of changing something in Nepal. I would develop the constitution which is the basic requirement in the present context. I will further work on the problems of load shedding, poverty and corruption to develop my country. Aashish Bista, Second Year Student, BSc. IT, ISMT College, Gairigaon, Tinkune

I would first sort out the political issue. Secondly, I would manage the electricity problem. These two problems are not allowing us, the students, to read properly. Thus, by solving these problems the literacy rate will go high which will ultimately help in developing our country. Elzeena Dangol, Third Year Student, BIT, PUSET, Biratnagar

“I would make people realize three things: Attitude, Ambition and Action. Somehow, we lack all of these three. We, people these days, lack a good attitude for things around, move ahead with no particular ambition and talk more but do less, that is, we come into action in a real slow manner. I believe we can do whatever we want if we move through the shore of these three words. I don’t want to reveal my identity.” Anonymous (Computer and Animal lover)

“There is a high shortage of energy in Nepal, from electricity to fuel. Due to this reason, large amount of money goes out of our country. If I had superpower, I would reform the whole transportation system of Nepal. This would be beneficial in many ways, it would save money, control the pollution, lessen the production of unnecessary heat energy, etc.” Shishir Aditya, Electrical Engineering, Pulchowk Engineering College, Pulchowk

“In Nepal, a large population is suffering from various kinds of diseases. Many are losing their lives due to lack of medicines and treatments. Fatal diseases like cancer, tuberculosis are increasing every day. Looking at them, every time I wish I had a superpower. So, by chance if I had it, I would make every single person immune to any kind of disease. I know this can cause a problem in population balance, but I would take steps to control the birth instead of letting people die in untimely manner.” Shristy Kiran, Studying Arts, Patan Campus, Patan Dhoka

“Nepal at this time lacks manpower. All the youth have started shifting themselves in foreign countries in search of job opportunities and high living standard.  If I had superpower, I would bring back all of them to the country by creating employment opportunities and providing them with all their requirements. This would take my country to a next level of development.” Manish Godar, Science, Caribbean College, Manbhawan, Lalitpur

Reporters Involved: Asmita Bista and Ashmita Thapa