Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

Sun Went Away One Day and Snow Took Over

By Prakriti Shree Tuladhar

Photo: Snow-capped mountains             Photo Courtesy : http://www.wallpapersfolder.com/ Snow was white. Snow was pretty. So out They ran and they ran like hounds They tainted Snow, declared it their own And turned the white, black and brown. Snow was not kind. Snow was cold. So in They ran and They ran like mice. They locked their doors and lighted the fire And sat to pray; settling in warm and nice. They prayed and prayed for Sun to come And prayed some more for Snow to go. They believed in their prayers so that’s all They did They sat down and prayed and indeed pray They did. It was different somehow; No. It was just foolish And It was brave enough to face the cold. It believed in work so that’s what It did. It fought hard and indeed fight hard It did. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Snow was strong and Snow was clever And It was young and It was unwise. It took a step back to take a leap forward But It slipped and It fell on the ice. Hurt and scared, It ran and ran Till It reached a slope steadily steep. It saw Others there so It joined them And down It went and It went down like sheep. Others and It reached a cave, and a cave of snow it was. The cave was warm and the cave was bright And Others made merry and laugh and sang, It chose to join them and to forget the fight. After many happy days, Others chose to leave, It wanted to go with them but It didn’t. The fall before had hurt him bad and as the wound worsen It couldn’t even stand and walk, It couldn’t. Proud as It was, It could never tell them So, It just sat and watched as the others left It. Putting it’s pride in it’s pocket, It called out to them But Others were now far far away to hear it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alone now in the cave of snow, It realized that It had always been alone. It cried and cried and Cried some more; Till the tears from It’s face Fell upon the bright warm snow The tears changed the snow into ice. Ice that Was less like ice and more like clay. With which He could make anything any time of the day Now all It had to do was cry Alone now in the cave of snow, It realized that It had a way out. It cried and cried and Cried some more; Till the tears from its face Fell upon the bright warm snow The ice with his guidance turned into wings. The wings were strong. The wings were pretty. It attached the wings onto itself  and It flew up to The surface till it reached a familiar place. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- But It didn’t stop there; It just couldn’t Because They were now mocking him out loud. They believed that the their prayers had worked Because Sun was there now, mighty and proud. It was angry at Them for mocking him. It was angry at Others for not hearing him. It was angry at Others for not understanding him. It was angry at Them for not fighting with him. Angry he was and angrier he got. Had Sun not gone away he wouldn’t have fought, It wouldn’t have fell and he wouldn’t be hurt. It wouldn’t have felt alone. It wouldn’t have felt scared. It wouldn’t be alone. It wouldn’t be scared. So up high It flew and It flew higher and higher Aiming straight and true for Sun. Sun hurt him first and now it was It’s turn To take revenge and hurt Sun. But down It fell and It went down and down Cause He was fighting Sun with a little bit of snow Alone, mocked, broken and defeated It fell into a glacier made by the fallen Snow.