Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Suicide or Murder

By Nisha Dhungana

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It was a typical Thursday afternoon. The environment was quite silent because of the public vehicle strike called by the transport entrepreneurs. After a long internet disturbance, I finally got the chance to scroll through my Facebook News Feed. The News Feed was flooded with the news of the uncertain death of one of finest Nepali football player’s sister. She was Manisha Gharti Magar, sister of national striker Bimal Gharti Magar. The question and confusion are still rumbling around about whether she committed suicide or was killed.

Bimal, Manisha’s brother was out in Belgium for his leg treatment and her mother had gone to Butwal on Wednesday for some personal work returning the next day only to find her only daughter lying dead in her bed. Most people are guessing that the incident was a murder because of the bruises on her neck and some stains of blood in the room, however, it has not been confirmed yet. As per sources, Manisha was in a relationship with local boy Rudra Narayan Chaudhari for about four years. He was arrested under suspicion of involvement in Manisha’s murder. According to a statement given by the 22-year-old Rudra, he had met Manisha on Wednesday after having some beer. They had fought regarding the Facebook status of Chaudhari. In the course of the fight, he had beaten Manisha and slept outside her house only to wake up to see Manisha hanging with her shawl. He said that he untied Manisha but by then she was already dead. Therefore, he went home to inform his mother about the death.

Bimal returned to Nepal on Friday and performed the last ritual of his sister. Both mother and brother could not see their daughter/sister for one last time. The autopsy of her body was done in TU Teaching hospital.

Another unidentified suspect is also arrested for involvement in Manisha’s murder. The news is updated every single day and investigation is carried out in speed.

The news of Manisha’s death has left the whole nation to mourn. The investigation is on fire and I am sure, she will soon get justice. The incident also left me wondering what would’ve happened if she was not the sister of a famous football star? What if she was only Manisha? Would the investigation be this rapid? Would Facebook pages be flooded with the news of her death?