Tue, 23 Jul, 2024

Suicide is Not a Choice

By Shreya Sapkota

Photo: TheHopeLine
Suicide - Is it just me or is the word as haunting as its meaning?  Dying has always been a scary thing for me and reaching a point where you’re ready to kill yourself is more than terrifying. It’s not like you’re just driven to commit suicide, there is always a reason, small or big. It’s the reasons, the force of the reason that kills people not the act of suicide itself. These reasons are what’s more creepy and difficult to come to terms with. Suicide has been the part of society since the very beginning, even though the reasons might be different. I don’t believe it to be cowardly, neither a type of mental illness. Suicide is the limit to the endurance capacity. Everyone has to go through hard times during their life, it’s not always rainbows and the sunshine. Some people can go through these challenging times without any effort, some require a lot of strength for it while some simply can’t bear those challenges. That doesn’t mean the person is weak, everyone is built differently some can tolerate some things while others can’t. There are many studies and researches done on suicide, some telling how and why people do commit suicide while some telling how to avoid it. Despite these studies, there is no proper justifiable conclusion. The driven cause might be mental illness, life issues, substance abuse and much more and yet the impact made is all the same. Suicide does not only affect a single person, it affects everyone related to the person who committed suicide. It’s not only an act of killing yourself but something that kills or breaks the hope, memories, and heart of the other person, their friends or their families. There are many cases where the suicide of one person has led to the suicide of other people around him/her. In the novel that I had read recently, there were four characters who had committed suicide which made me realize how deep the seed of suicide is. The influence and cause of suicide are disturbing and efforts should be made by everyone to control it. The major issue of suicide just like any other problem is the lack of awareness. People tend to lean towards suicide when they have nowhere to go, no one to go to. Anyone and everyone with suicidal symptoms should know that there are people who can give you the right guidance and support. Similarly, people are not aware how morbid the act of suicide is to everyone around. Only after understanding the agony and influence suicide can cause to the other person, suicides can be controlled and reduced. Edited By - Awale Sushil