Tue, 01 Dec, 2020

Dr. Subash Risal Visits Deerwalk

By Sandesh Sharma

On 5th June 2014, Subash Risal Ph.D., the former classmate of our Academic Director Hitesh Karki, made a surprise visit to DWIT to share his experience with the students. “I always run away from technology” said Risal. He said that he was always an average student since school and his family never put pressure on him to study technical subjects. “The students of social sciences underestimate the technical students and vice versa” Risal added. He has just completed his Ph.D. from the University of Queensland in Australia. He thinks that Ph.D. is used as a status in our society which is a terrible thing to do. This is where the abuse of education is seen especially in a country like Nepal. He also said that he never counters the arrogant people and even if he does, he doesn’t argue with them and simply reflects back. He believes that knowledge does not have a peak point. He shared some of his personal incidents that put a smile on everybody’s face. “I never fear rejection. That’s why I am happy” He claimed. He articulated that his dad’s devotion for him and his brother was more than anyone could imagine. His family could not afford to admit them in Budhanilkantha School. So, his father had started teaching in the same school for financial support. He conveyed a strong message that there is no alternative to hard work. He used to study about 14-15 hours a day, while doing his Ph.D. After completing his Ph.D., it was very difficult for him to adjust in the society because he had become a different being. “I am in the adaptation phase now”, He said. He gave a useful tip about tackling our anger: We have to create a wall with holes so that we can filter the words spoken from the other side of the wall. Not every word can be that useful, so, this can be a great approach to communication. He added that we should talk to our parents quite often; they can give the best solutions to our problems. Whenever we feel bored listening to our parents, we can stop the conversation but we should give it a try. We can learn a lot from our own parents. “Ten percent of stress can give you 90 percent of happiness” Risal believes. In the QA session somebody from the audience asked whether he believes in religion or not. To that he answered that he is an atheist. “We should have a positive mind and perspective and should not interpret anything in a wrong way” he added. At the end of the program, Hitesh Karki shared his experiences with the students. Everybody was quite fascinated hearing the struggles they had to go through.Overall, the talk program was very interesting and motivating. He recommended many books to the students to read. The program was full of humor and the students learned a lot from him. (Sandesh Sharma works as a 'volunteer reporter' for the DWIT News.)