Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Why Study?

By Utkrista K.C.

[caption id="attachment_3608" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Picture Courtesy: Google Picture Courtesy: Google[/caption] ‘Oh No! Study again. :( ’ ‘Well…! First let me check the likes on my Facebook post J’ ……………………………………… OMG! Why does time pass by so fast while using social sites? This question has always struck my mind. I wonder when I study even for an hour; I get a feeling of receiving a Nobel Prize or achieving Miss World title or something else. But why does this happen?While watching a movie, it is so astonishing that my mind will not get deviated even for a second until the end.Why can I spend playing games on cell phones and computer for hours? Why can I spend gossiping for long hours? For everything time passes so fast except for studying. First of all, let me question you all. Why do you study? Do you study just to get good marks in an exam? Or do you study for getting a job? Or do you study for earning lots of money? Or do you study because it’s your parents’ dream? Or do you study to impress someone? Don’t smile. This may include teachers as well. There will be uncountable reasons if we go on analyzing. But now, I tell you the main reason behind getting bored after studying for short period is all the secondary reasons above. Leave all these secondary reasons and focus on knowledge. Study for knowledge, then see what does not follow you. Good marks in exams are obvious. Good job,money,name,fame,parents’ dream, all these settle down simultaneously.So why focus on these secondary reasons if we know the key to achieveall are just three words “Study for knowledge.” If you follow this three word principle instead of feeling bored, curiosity towards subject matter increases. If you are not interested in certain fields then stop continuing (if it’s not too late and its never too late!) that field because it is not the field in which you fit in. If it is too late then follow this quote: “You love something, doit; you don’t love, don’t do it; but when you are doing something you better LOVE IT!” After studies what comes to my mind is the exams.’Oh no! Exams………Rush…………….Panic.’ You have your exams next day or next month,what’s the big deal? You have been giving examinations since childhood but still you are afraid. Just relax! Exams are tests of your knowledge.Why worry? You will get to know which areas you need to focus on after the results. Any failure in life is no end, it’s just a bend! Remember this and start working. Leave rest of the world; compete with the self.You should try being better than yesterday. This change is often invisible for months, but after certain duration you will realize that you have come a long way.