Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Students' View on the Ongoing and Scheduled Examinations So Soon After the Quake

By Asmita Bista

Despite the recent devastating earthquake, the educational institutions are not putting a brake on their motion. Examination Boards have started conducting Board Examinations of high school and college level students. DWIT News asked some students about their view on the ongoing and scheduled examinations after the devastating earthquake. Have a read.

"Exams should not have been held in this situation. Students are not mentally prepared after this devastating earthquake. Most of them have lost their parents, relatives and even home. It is obvious that they are not going to be able to concentrate on studies." Samikshya Subedi, 2nd Year Student, College of Applied Business, Kathmandu

"I feel so uncomfortable during the examination. I cannot concentrate on my exams since I do have a fear of the earthquake which actually has depressed me." Merina Maharjan, Grade 12 Student, U2 international College, Kathmandu

"All of us have not been completely out of the tragedy of massive earthquakes. But then exam has already been scheduled. We have to face exam anyhow, though it's too sooner. It's better to concentrate on studies rather than thinking about unpredictable disaster. So I have started preparing for exams." Shila Parajuli, 2nd Year Student, DWIT, Kathmandu "The exam is essential because if the exam is delayed, every significant milestone in academics and career will be postponed. And the competition is on an international platform. The colleges abroad won't have special intakes just for us Nepalese, if our exams aren't held on time. So our entire future will be in jeopardy if the exams aren't conducted despite the quakes that have been hitting the country." Suprima Thapa, 3rd Year Student, Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar

"I feel scared and depressed after this earthquake. I am not being able to read properly for the exam in this situation. I haven't prepared any things till now and only 2 days are left for the exam. I am really worried." Niraj Karanjeet, Grade 11 Student, Xavier International College, Kathmandu

"As we know that natural disasters have no advantage. Due to the recent earthquake, many students are suffering from many problems like they have lost their house and so on. This has mentally affected them. They are out of comfort zone to give exams. They should be counseled first before the exam." Aastha Bastakoti, 2nd Year Student, BBS, Xavier International College, Kathmandu