Wed, 29 Jun, 2022

Students speak on Time Management

By Bidish Acharya

The non-credit course of 3rd April 2014 saw the Students of 2016 share their views on Time management under the mentoring of Campus Chief, Surendra Adhikari. He asked the students to come up front and give a 2-minute speech on how time management have affected their performance in studies. Students shared their experiences on what they have learnt about Time management and how well they’ve been able to manage time despite all the workloads at DWIT . Ashim Regmi, Asmita Bista, Sameer Koirala, Sumit Shrestha, and Sandesh Sharma spoke about their experiences and how they plan to manage time effectively and efficiently in the future. Two voluntary speakers Sunil Shrestha and Bidish Acharya also gave a short speech on how they manage to do a lot of work despite the academic workload and shared their experiences of the past. Surendra Adhikari has been taking classes on Time Management from time to time to make students responsible towards every minute that passes by. He keeps suggesting the students to take Time management very seriously and warns them on how crucial a wasted time might turn out to be in the future.