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Students Share Their Experience About The Basketball Training

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Photo Courtesy: Sports Club On 19th April 2015, the Sports Club organized the largely anticipated Basketball Training. We have covered many things related to it and many students were eagerly waiting for the training to happen. Finally, the event was organized and students were present to learn some new techniques and moves. Girls and boys alike were taught the basics of basketball. Everyone had a great time and everyone enjoyed. By the end of the day, all the trainees and trainers were tired but there was a smile on everyone's face. Let's hear what they have to say: Sameer Shrestha (Seventh Semester) “I had a great time during the training. I know how to play basketball but I didn't know the basics. I needed some guidance and it helped me learn some skills that I didn't know about the game.” Krishna Chauhan (Fifth Semester) “I had no idea about the basics of basketball. I had a great time and I learned a lot of things. I am sure that now I can play basketball properly.” Suman Thapa (Fifth Semester) “I loved the training. All the trainers were my friends so I felt comfortable. The only thing I didn't like about it was that the Sports Club held the boys training at 12 o' clock. It was very difficult for us to play in the scorching heat.” Sarthak Khanal (Fifth Semester) “I had played basketball just a handful of time in the past. I never knew what I need to do. I am very happy that my friends were the ones that helped me learn a sport that I liked but never knew how to play.” Neesha Dhungana (Third Semester) “It was a great experience. I really enjoyed the training. The main thing I learned was team work, discipline and following the rules. I got to know about new techniques like dribbling with my left hand, chest pass, defending techniques, shooting and lay up. It was really fun and all the girls I played with were equally enthusiastic in learning.” Sharun Sangat (Third Semester) “The basketball training was really fun. I got to learn new moves; the chest pass, lay up and side score. I mainly enjoyed the game where we had to gank and pass the ball, a technique to learn to pass ball during a real game.” Asmit Ojha (Third Semester)  “Basketball is new to me. When I saw the mail from the sports club, I thought I would give it a try. I learned some basic skills from those who have already achieved some sort of expertise. They were no less than expert mentors. Though I was less skilled, everybody co-operated with each other. I look forward in next week to learn applicable game plans and team work tactics.” Ronit Pradhan (Third Semester) “The basket ball training was really nice. It was nice to recap the basic skills after a very long time. It reminded me basketball training that we used to have in our high school.” Dipesh Poudel (Third Semester) “I enjoy playing basketball. It was really nice. I never had an opportunity to train with a lot of people at once since I never played from any official team. This gave me a chance to look at what a training looks like.” Ayush Manandhar (Second Semester) “Everyone told me to play basketball as I am tall. I enjoyed the training and I look forward to play a training game next week.” Sandesh Acharya (Second Semester) “I love basketball. I play it whenever I have some free time. The training was a great way to bond with my seniors and I look forward to playing a training match next week. I look forward playing in the official team of DWIT.” Utkrista KC (Second Semester) “After the training session on Sunday, I have started to love basketball. I want to play basketball everyday. It is such a fun game. I learned new things like the lay up, passing, shooting and dribbling. The basics were so fun to learn.” Aasha Poudel (Second Semester) “I see many of my seniors and friends playing basketball. They look so happy. I wanted to give it try. Things were even more fun because I was training with my friends.” Munmun Shrestha (Second Semester) “When I saw the email about the basketball training, I was skeptic. I thought “Would I learn to play basketball in just a day?” “How do I play basketball?” Then my friends told me that we should give our names in for the training. After the training I have started to love basketball. I have learned a sport and I am looking forward to playing basketball.” All of the participants seem happy about the training and everyone learned something special on that day. The next training session will be held on 26th April 2015.