Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Deerwalkers' Opinion on Canteen Services

By Aasha Poudel

Photo Courtesy: Deerwalk Foods provides and serves quality foods to the staff of Deerwalk Services as well as the students of Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT). Since, its establishment, many development and changes have been made in the management system of Deerwalk Foods. So, we took an opinion poll to know the status of the canteen at present so that it could help the canteen to grow even better. So here is what we've got:The food quality is good and the variety of food is enough but the service time is too late. The behavior of the employees is nice.” – Bijaya Shrestha, Administrator at DWITIt's really good as compared to before. The food is delicious. I can see good garnishing on the food. Overall it has been great. Moreover, it is hygienic and that's what matters the most. Sandwich is great!!! There are lots of variety. Every day there is something new on the menu. I am fond of food and like to try something new every day. From typical Nepali food to other different variety, I find it refreshing. As a student I find no problem in the timing. They serve me real quick. But even if you have to wait a tad longer you got to understand that they are serving for more than 400 people. The employees are friendly. Mohan dai treats me really well. He has completely changed the system, in fact it is more like a standard food cafe. I have no problem with the employees. They are professional and I respect them.” - Bimal Gaire, 5th Semester Student at DWITThe food quality provided in our canteen is good and there are lots of varieties of food to choose from. Most of the time, service is fast but sometimes it’s too late. Everyone in the canteen are so nice. I think they are really helpful and kind to all of us.” - Ojaswi Poudyal, 2nd Semester Student at DWITThe food quality is nice and the variety of food is also nice. Canteen schedule is fine, but college should fix a proper time for lunch on daily schedule. I mean, it should be either 11-12 or 12 -01 but not different time everyday. Eating at irregular schedule really creates trouble in health and the behavior of the employees are nice.” - Suryaraj Timsina-, 5th Semester Student at DWITThe quality of food is good, it is healthy as compared to other restaurant outside the college. For students, we get only once to eat in canteen i.e. lunch time, due to which varieties of food are limited for us, but at around 2-4 PM, there are lots of varieties , which we will not get to eat because we have classes during that time . So, for student it would be good if we get varieties during our lunch time at around 12PM. No complain about time, if we get all the varieties at that time. There is no complaint about the behavior of the employees.” - Ashmita Kunwar, 3rd Semester Student at DWITGenerally the food quality is great but sometimes the food is very cold, sometime back I found long hair. About the variety of food, I cannot argue about that. About service time, it’s tolerable and about the behavior of the employees, few are not friendly at all. They are rude.” - Anju Shahi, 5th Semester Student at DWITThe food quality is good and satisfies me with ease. There is a lot form what we can choose to have and I think that the Canteen administration has done well to maintain the quality with such a wide variety of items being served. I am very satisfied with the service time as the order gets ready really fast. All the employees are friendly and well spoken.” - Shreyansh Lodha, 2nd Semester Student at DWITThe food quality is good. I am happy with the items but the service time is very bad. I have to say that all the employees are nice.” - Pankaj Kc, 5th Semester Student at DWITThe quality of the food is quite good. The food is always fresh (during the lunch hours) and may not be the best but is considerably good. There is not much variety of food during the college lunch breaks. I think this is the major drawback of the canteen. The service time is very much good, the food is made ready faster for us students to save our time, which is highly appreciated. The employees of the canteen are very much good in their behavior toward us. They prepare the food faster for us students without waiting for the queue and are very polite.” - Bishal Timalsina, 2nd Semester Student at DWITThe food quality is good. There has been an increase in the variety of foods in the canteen. I find that really nice and the service time is quite good but the people are not as polite or patient as they used to be.”   -Prakriti Shree Tuladhar, 2nd Semester student at DWIT The quality of food is good but there is less variety of food during the lunch time. There is no complaints about the service time. The employees are nice.” - Munmun Shrestha, 2nd Semester Student at DWITThe quality of food is just ok. Last time, I felt that I was served stale food. I hope it gets better. Previously, when Ram dai was in charge, the types of food were monotonous. Same menu all the week. But, nowadays, I find varieties of food every day. It is good to have variety of choices. The service time of food takes much longer. I have to wait for an hour even after the ‘serve me’ time is 10 minutes. I hope this will improve soon. All the employees’ behavior is very good and pleasant.”  - Shivangi Sharma, Librarian at DWIT