Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

What Students Expect From the To-Be English Faculty Member, Hilary Towle

By Aasha Poudel

Menosh Appl, the DWIT News Club Mentor and English Faculty Member at DWIT, has went back to the states after the devastating earthquake. She had an inspiring personality and the students have in fact learnt a lot from her. With Menosh, our classes were exciting and educational at the same time. Soon we are going to have a new English Faculty Member, Hilary Towle.

Our new English teacher is about to complete her M.Ed. course from Harvard. She will arrive here on 5th of July and she will be taking classes from the 6th. I am very excited to meet her. The classes with Menosh were very interactive, fun and educational. I, personally, have learnt a lot from Menosh and also hope that I can learn even more from our new English teacher. So, I expect her to be approachable and friendly like Menosh.

I, as a member of DWIT News team, carried out an opinion poll on the expectations of the fellow Deerwalkers about the new English Faculty Member, Hilary Towle.

Our previous English teacher, Menosh was the most influential person I've ever met. She was so fascinating and incredible. Menosh's class was never boring rather it was fun, interesting and informative as well. I expect that our new English teacher will be better than her. Definitely, she can't be like Menosh, but, I hope she is better than Menosh. Our batch i.e. 2016 won't be having regular class with Hilary, but I expect that she is as good as Menosh. I hope to learn more from her.– Sagar Giri, 5th semester student, DWIT

No expectations as such. I just hope that she is friendly and very willing to interact with us.” – Bidish Acharya, 5th semester student, DWIT

Well, getting right to the topic, I think Menosh was undoubtedly the best teacher I have ever met. And it would be a very good for teachers to reach her level. But the news about the new teacher has got me very excited. The college has hired all good English teachers in the past, and I believe Ms. Hilary Towle would not be a letdown. As for my expectations, I expect her to be as supportive and friendly as Menosh and Shristi Bhattarai, both the teachers were very good, I did not get to attend many of the classes of Shristi ma’am but Menosh taught us for a whole semester and her classes were not only educational but also very much fun. I expect the new teacher to be the same, being able to make us understand the subject matter with more interactive and fun ways rather than just going through the topic being discussed. Interacting with the students in individual level is another quality I expect.

But, we won’t know anything until the 5th of June, I am quite sure that she will be a great teacher and I will learn a lot from a person of her level.– Bishal Timalsina, 2nd semester student, DWIT

The absence of Menosh would be challenging to be fulfilled as she was not only a teacher but also a great friend, a friend who could give right suggestions instantly. Though she was from a different social background she had adapted very well to the situations here. What I expect from our new English teacher is a different style of teaching which includes fun and learning as well. Menosh has set a benchmark as an English teacher so I definitely expect her to raise the standards even further. Just hope we have lots of fruitful English classes this semester.” – Shreyansh Lodha, 2nd semester student, DWIT

Menosh is my favorite teacher. Her class was really very informative and interesting. She had thought of things that would help us to be a good human. Because of this I loved her class. I am hoping that our teacher will be even more interesting and informative than Menosh.” – Raman Maharjan, 2nd semester student, DWIT

Well expectations are always meant to be high. Since she is a Harvard graduate I am expecting her to be a lot resourceful and entertaining like Menosh was. Well it’s all about how you approach to her, life is about exploring and I will grab that opportunity as far as possible. Hope she is full of fun and Motivation.– Abhishek Khatiwada, 2nd semester student, DWIT

Menosh is and always will be the best person, my best friend. I still don't believe that she is gone and we won't be having her classes. But I think it’s time we all accept and put into practice what Menosh have always taught us. I welcome Hillary with all my heart and expect to learn the best out of her. I am sure we are going to have fun time getting to know her!– Shreya Acharya, 2nd semester student, DWIT

Most importantly I want Hilary to be friendly, so we can share our feelings and thoughts with her without hesitation as we did with Menosh. Also, I want her to engage us in different kinds of fun and exciting class works. I really wish that we can connect with her from day one.– Sushant Chitrakar, 2nd semester student, DWIT