Sun, 26 May, 2024

Students Protest With Motto "Right to Live and Right to Study"

By Ankit Pradhan

Photo Courtesy: Navaraj Kharel It has been more than 100 days since the strike of Madhesi people in Terai region  has led to massive economic disorder in Nepal. The blockade caused by India has caused a devastation in Nepal. Fuel crisis is affecting the lives in Nepal and everything seems chaotic at the moment. This strike hasn’t just affected the life of people but the emergency services like hospitals, medicine and ambulance are also being affected. Children who are regarded as the future of the country are struggling to get education. Almost all the educational institutions in Terai are shut down because of the ongoing crisis. The year has come to the end, but the schools are unable to finish the courses in time. This is a great deal of concern and cannot be simply overlooked. Now, the students have started protesting against this meaningless strike. Recently in Ithara, Sunsari a huge mass of student were seen protesting against this strike. Their motto was “right to live and right to study” which has recently been snatched away from them. On November 27, 2015, a huge number of students from different schools and colleges around the Kathmandu valley took out on a rally protesting against the strike. Students were protesting in different areas like Gaushala, Chabahil, Koteshwor, Sinamangal, New Buspark and many other places of Kathmandu valley. Those students whose main aim is to focus on their studies and build their future are forced to come in open and protest. People in politics have their right to protest but that doesn’t mean they can close educational institutions and other educational services. There are others ways of protesting as well. Their short term interest can have a long lasting impact on the country's future. Let those children study and live happily. Its their time to study and enjoy not go on open and protest. People in power should understand that.