Mon, 15 Jul, 2024


By Iris Raj Pokharel

Students, who are termed as helmsmen of development, face many kinds of pressure throughout their life. Well, life is not easy when you are given the extra burden that you don’t deserve. From the very first moment you step towards the educational life, you are going to have to bear pressure. Every parent wants their children to top the exams.

In Nepalese society, you have to face one extra taboo, the society. Society in Nepal has a different way of pressurizing students. They don’t mind their business but get busy backbiting about the children who don’t even relate to them. Another factor that pressurizes students in Nepal is the extra burden from the teachers and the school as well.

In many places of Nepal, students are literally beaten up for not following the way they are told to. There are different ways of harnessing student’s future, physical violence is never the solution. In a world where you deserve a fresh environment, where you can do what actually you are interested in, exactly opposite is the reality here. In many places of Nepal,  you are not even asked what your actual interest is.

According to the scenario, you are forced to choose either medicine or engineering. The World is different place outside our society. In many developed countries, students don’t face that sort of pressure; you’re free to choose your field. The next thing that pressurizes the students here the most are the assignments, piles of the assignment I must say.

In Nepal, theoretical education is prioritized instead of practical education. The world runs on practical education and we’re are lagged or limited to theories. There are certain things teachers here need to understand, students of present time dream of competing in every aspect and want to make their mind broad. Students in Nepal barely get the opportunity to do that because of the mental pressure that they get.

This needs to get solved as soon as possible because everyone has a right to live a pressure-free life without any disturbances from anyone because after all, it’s our life.