Fri, 24 May, 2024

Life Goes On…..

By Aasha Poudel

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A day same as usual, I walk the same busy road and do the same usual work. However, never had I thought that one day I would wake up and suddenly find myself amidst people whom I have never ever seen and known. Never had I thought that I would find myself living in fear. All the peaceful days I had known, all the happy faces which I had seen, I never thought that I would lose all of those scenes in a couple of minutes, not even a minute but in a couple of seconds.

An incident as devastating as that, I have never seen. Whose story should I tell you all? The story of a small baby crying for the warmth of his dead mother or the story of the dead people whom we held dear to our hearts or the story which totally changed our lives?

The happy faces turning into a sorrowful one, a living person turning into dead; witnessing such a tragedy is very hard. Living your life out of fear and losing the place once we called our home and praying each moment of our life to be saved by our almighty god, we had grown pitiful.

Living as if we were refugees in our own country, spending many sleepless nights in fear, eating whatever was offered so as to keep ourselves alive, we started searching for a place where we could be safe, searching for someone we could confide in and searching for a ray of hope; we started to begin our gifted life again.

More than one month has passed since then. We are still trying to get their life back on track. Even though there are many things which we have lost, we are desperately trying to march forward. We are slowly starting to live our life normally but I know that life which we had before will never be the same. The safety which we had felt have been blended with negativity and fear. The same paths which we used to follow is no longer safe for us.

But still we are rising and standing tall despite all the harshness around us. With the memories of our beloved ones who had fallen victim to this tragedy, we continue to survive and strike back. We continue to live with all those precious memories which we had. We  are trying our best to overcome the tragedy together, hand in hand. Many changes are taking place around us but we are fighting those changes with our courage and determination of standing back tall and mighty.

Even with all the changes around us, we are striking back and fighting and continuing to live strongly than ever.

Still life goes on. Stay strong. Things will get well soon.

(Nepal Earthquake 2015)