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Sports Club Finally Organizes a Football Event

By Anish Thakuri

Photo: DWITians enjoy football after a long break Photo Courtesy: Sumit Shrestha

On July 19, 2015 'The Sports club' of DWIT had organized a football event. The event was held at TIA Ground, Hattigauda, this Sunday. It had been a long time since the club organized any sporting event. Back in March, the club had formed the official football team to represent DWIT. So, this event was more like a training session for DWIT Football team. Also, any interested students could participate in the event. Altogether, there were 18 students present in the venue. The event lasted for 2 hours, which kicked off from 2 pm and ended at 4 pm.

The ground of TIA wasn't favorable enough to play football as it was struck by heavy rain and the big cast off of grass. Only a small portion of the ground remained unaffected. So, after a small warm-up session, the club divided the players into 3 teams with 6 players in each team. Every player was requested to bring their own football boots and socks. Also, the club provided training beeps to the players. Then the game was started. The rule was: the team who scored a goal won the game and the loser team had to leave the ground making a way for the other team. This process was continued until half time. At halftime the club provided a jar of water to the players.

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Then after half time, the players were again divided into two teams so that two players from each team had to sit on the bench. Then the match was played with full energy. Firstly, the yellow team, which was led by Pratik Budathoki, started dominating the game. Anil Lama and Sumit Shrestha scored the goal and gave a 2-0 lead to the Yellow team inside opening half. But in the second half, braces from Suman Thapa of Red team leveled the game. Then both teams played hard, but were unable to score any. The match ended with a 2-2 draw.

After the event the club's vice president, Prajjwal Sthapit said “Our football team looks pretty stronger than it was before. So, we are going to take this football team into higher level by participating in other tournaments. Now, the entire team should be ready to face the challenge that has been bestowed upon them.”