Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Sports Club Conducted Chess Tournament

By Sneha Parajuli

After the start of the second semester of batch 2017, DWIT sports club organized the long awaited chess competition, from 17th June 2014 to 25th June 2014. The competition started from 5:10 pm sharp in the Lhotse hall on Tuesday 17th of June. On average four matches were conducted on a day. The tournament was a knockout in nature. There were 27 participants and the matches were directed according to a tie sheet prepared by the sports club. The tie sheet was made on the basis of name list collected and all the names were serially arranged. There were 15 participants from the batch 2016, 3 from the batch 2015 and 9 participants from batch 2017. The competition had 26 matches altogether. The competition was conducted with strict rules and regulations which had to be followed by every participant. In case the participants were unable to follow the rules, they were disqualified from the game. The competitions were conducted smoothly every day after classes. Out of twenty-seven participants Suman Thapa and Sunil Lamsal from the batch 2016 turned out to be the finalists of the chess tournament. The final match took place on 25th June 2014 in which Suman Thapa was defeated by Sunil Lamsal. Congratulations to Sunil Lamsal, the winner of the Chess Tournament 2014.