Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

If you could only speak a phrase (two-three words) today, what would you say and why?

By Ashmita Kunwar

Photo : What would be your word for the day? Photo Courtesy : Words can be very powerful. Once they leave your mouth, you cannot take them back, and they have such an impact that none can forget. Humans have been gifted with the ability to speak; however, we take this ability for granted. Speaking can be normal for us and many of us do not even value this beautiful gift. But, think about someone who’s unable to speak. Think for a moment, what would speaking some words mean to him/her? The DWIT News team hence decided to ask people a question, a question which might make them feel the beauty of their ability to speak. The question was, “If you could only speak a phrase (two-three words) today, what would you say and why?” Here’s what we received: I would say, “Yes, you can!” because words usually do motivate us to stand out and do more. Certainly, someone has to sustain his/her day without speaking anything other than a phrase, so why not it be something that will keep one moving throughout the day. It will give strength to fight with the upcoming problems, and will help one to be able to stand still during rough times. Nikita Gautam, Third Semester Student, DWIT Say it….before it’s too late” would be the phrase that I would choose if I had to. Actually I am not talking in general; I am talking about love. Most people tend to avoid expressing their selves; lingering around waiting for the ‘right time.’ Yeah…timing is important, you cannot go out there and say: “I love you” without caring whether you are fully prepared or not. But, while you are making up words in your mind every night, she may be gone. What if tomorrow never comes? What if it does and you are left all alone with those words? Want to regret for the rest of your life? Be strong, have faith in yourself and speak your heart out. You never know, those three magical words may change the course of your life; you may end up with the most beautiful person in the world. I am getting emotional now. Time to make up some words again… if you know what I mean. :) Bimal Gaire, Fifth Semester Student, DWIT Life is too short for regrets” would be the phrase I would choose for the day. It is because most of us live in the past, forget the present and in doing so, the future just fades away. Sumedh Shakya, First Year Student, BBA, The British College  My words would be “Meditate to Live”. I choose these words because I believe in the words of Lord Buddha, which are, “Through meditation, one will not gain anything, but will lose fear, anger and stress.” Mohan Singh Bomrel, Third Semester Student, DWIT If I could only speak a phrase or two- three words, I would just say “Thank you”. I will say these two words, which are very potent, polite and is used in most situations of our life; this phrase conveys the greatness for something or someone. On this day, I could say these words to everyone who have assisted me, supported me in every little step of my life so far. It would be my parents, cousins, teachers, friends and god and many others whom I shall meet.  I think this would be a great experience; I would certainly feel a kind of gratification. Anupam Kunwar, Public Health Officer I will keep on saying “Why?” or “Can you say that again, I didn’t hear you”, just to mess with people. Hehe ! That would be a funny and great experience. David Sharma, Student, Advanced Engineering CollegeI am sorry; I can only speak a sentence today, and this is it”.  This would be the best sentence to avoid people around me, whoever asks me to do something. Honey Thapa, MBBS StudentI am sorry”: I think these would be the best words that I can speak on such situation. I can be sorry to people or apologize to them if I have ever done something bad that had hurt them and also just by saying I am sorry I can disagree for anything or any work in a polite way. Anustha Mainali, Health Officer