Thu, 01 Jun, 2023

SP Basanta Panta Talks to DWIT Students

By Asmita Subedi

On 26th June 2014, SP Basanta Panta, In-charge of Operation Department of Nepal Traffic Police, addressed the students of Batch 2017 at DWIT. The talk program was initiated by the campus chief, Surendra Adhikari, who gave a brief introduction about Panta. SP Panta, the Superintendent of Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, started off giving a brief presentation on the current traffic situation of Nepal, its problems and causes. He emphasized on the importance of traffic rules and traffic police, and encouraged the students to follow the rules and respect the traffic police force. Furthermore, he accentuated the latest technological development and advancement in traffic management highlighting on the prevalent technological systems such as Audio Notice Board (100/103), Metro Traffic FM 95.6 MHz and Technical Control Rooms. Panta talked about the manual traffic management system, pedestrian lights and overhead bridges, and laid emphasis on the need of advanced technologies. Panta shed light on how IT students can help build systems to control the booming congestion problem in Kathmandu Valley. He said that advanced technologies like Data-based Computer Networking, GPS System, well facilitated Control Rooms, etc. are the current needs in managing traffic. He motivated students to build applications and software that are helpful. Students were greatly influenced by Panta’s speech and the excitement was carried into the QA session. The program lasted for an hour and half and ended on a promising note that the DWIT students will be given an opportunity to visit the Valley Traffic Control System and will be helped to make technological changes that will benefit.