Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Souls That Will Never Rest In Peace

By Sunil Shrestha

Lately, most of the men are praying for my soul to rest in peace in heaven, but how can I rest in peace for I am buried alive in the mud.  I  have been trapped like a mouse. I stay alive crying and waiting with a little hope to live that someone will find me and rescue me.  I am not yet ready to leave this beautiful place I was born in.  I still want to play with my friends. I have many responsibilities to fulfill.  I want to see a smile on the face of my mom. Dad, I love you so much that I never tell you.  Oh god! Please help me.

Send someone to find me. I do not want to die, No, I still have many things to do.  Please, somebody do something, I want to live, live...and live. I had always believed that when you desperately want something and you have a passion to do it, you will ultimately get that thing done. I had always wanted to be a musician.  I wanted to fill this world with melodious music that lasts forever.  I had a dream to paint this world with a love of music. But, no I did not happen to be the lucky one. I lost my music forever. Now, it will never be heard.  Instead I am buried in darkness with a dusty air. I wish it kills me instantly, but no, it seems that my fate is to suffer even more pain.  When I finally leave my body, I will look down to see an awful sight.  My body will tear apart and rot. My ultimate dream was to perform at a concert where many people will desperately wait for me to sing a song for them. They will dance to the tunes of my song and be happy by listening to my words. But no, it is all lost forever. And today, when my body was finally dug out, I can hardly see people daring to see me.  They all are wearing masks because of my offending smell.  I see tears rolling from few people.  There is a dead silence.  I see them digging and picking my body parts and putting them into the sacks.  Oh god!...what has happened?  It is really hard for me to believe that it is my own body that I am leaving.  Oh hell!  What has happened.

Many eyes are still wet. My Loss is deep.  Everyday I hear from millions of people praying for our soul to rest in peace.  But, how can I rest in peace. My friend sleeps in open sky and in the heavy rainfall.  For weeks he has been suffering from cold.  It has been three days and my friend's mom is still unconscious.  I am afraid she is preparing to follow the trail I follow.  I wish she never meets me. Please mom, go away. I do not need you.  There are many hands joining and praying for your well being.  Please listen to them.  They really need you.  They need a mother like you to foster a better tomorrow. You are the only hope for your three children who are innocent.  I am afraid misery might engulf them leaving empty stomach forever with a scar of poverty.  I will not be able to rest in peace if so happens.  I see my corrupt neighbor sleeping soundly in a tent which was “donated” to us.  How can I rest in peace for he has no right to have such a sound sleep.  That tent belongs to my friend who is suffering from cold right now. Every bites he take in his breakfast makes my dearest one even more hungry.  He does not deserve to collect and have free rice.  It is not meant to be so.  Please somebody raise a voice against this. This act hunts me. Please stop this. I no longer want to see his face standing in the line where foods, and goods are distributed. I am happy that helping hands are increasing but my heart aches to see these helping hands giving accessories to people like my corrupt neighbor.

I feel a need of stakeholders like Judda Shumsher who ordered to cut the hands of people if found guilty of theft or misconduct during the B.S. 1990 earthquake. Such acts do not let me rest in peace.

Last night I cried a lot.  I could not even sleep in heaven for I hear a hideous statement from one of the so called intellectual.  He said that majority of the houses that were destroyed were made up of mud so they fell down during the earthquake.  It is not a surprise.  He said it so calmly as if it was meant to be.  But sir what can I do.  Even I was well aware that if somehow earthquake of higher rector occurs, my house is not a house, but it is a mouse trap that will kill the mouse in an instant as soon as a trigger starts.  But what can I do?  This corrupt and shit system did not even give me a chance even to think of building a new house.  Deadly virus like corruption, unethical acts, illegal activities, broker's game, game of commission that this shit system created left me bare handed in the battlefield.  Hope was the only thing that I had to overcome these viruses and I had always dreamed that one day I will build my own house where I can live happily with no fear.  I had known that education is the only tool that can make my dream come true.  So, with a patience and a hope, I was sailing a boat to my destiny.  I never thought that I will down in water before I reach the destiny.  I sailed a long way and I was waiting for my final year result.  I was pretty confident that I will get a nice job and I can lead a very happy life.  My destiny was clear from my sight, but how unfortunate I am that I never get an opportunity to land on destiny.  I had to leave sailing the boat forever and ever.