Wed, 17 Apr, 2024

My Soul!

By Bidish Acharya

My soul, so young and desiring strives for blended experiences in life be it ecstasy or love even, heartbreak or anguish because, I ask If you don’t live the lessons what’s it that you learn? My soul, so kind and caring longs to reach every other indigent soul be it to gratify them with love or support to raise them up because, I ask If you don’t give what you have what’s it that you earn? My soul, so capable and ambitious desires to achieve the utmost success be it to live the dream or to be remembered long after I’m gone because, I ask If you don’t leave a mark, for what reason are you born? My soul, so old and wise cheers all the moments to have endured and all the victories to have achieved there were ups, there were downs and there were times with no one around And, I confess when you’re old and time is supporting you no more, When all the moments flay by before your eyes and all you can say is, “I lived my life.” Then, you have truly lived!