Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Sophomore Students Teach C Programming to Freshman Students

By Moon Shrestha

Photo: DWIT News
DWIT offers various semester training classes in each semester to its students. As a part of semester training, C programming has been taught for freshman students. The classes have started from January 30, 2018, and taught by the students of the sophomore year – Nishal Badal and Avinay Basnet.
“To assist the struggling C learners and to make them able to build a project by sharing my knowledge remains my ultimate goal,” says Avinay Basnet ’20.
The C programming classes are conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:30 pm to 5 pm. Every week, the classes are taken for three hours. A total of 35 students are attending the class. The students are divided into two groups which are taught in parallel by the sophomore students. The students do not have to pay an extra fee for the training and is not mandatory to attend. The training is a five-week course of 15 hours. Currently, nine hours course has been successfully completed. After the end of the course, students are required to demonstrate a project on C programming using the knowledge they have gathered from the training session. The students will be graded on the basis of their projects and will receive a certificate for successfully completing the training session.
“I expect that after the completion of this course students will no longer fear c programming and will face no difficulty in passing their board examinations,” says Nischal Badal ’20.
These types of training sessions should be given a fair continuation. These sessions help students to learn more and understand better.