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DWIT Social Service Club Organizes a Regalement Program

By Utkrista K.C.

Photo:  Childreen enjoying the program Photo Courtesy: Utkrista K.C

On May 29, 2015, the Social Service Club in co-ordination with the Kamalpokhari Youth Club had organized a refreshment program in Kamalpokhari for the school children. As the whole country is passing through a traumatic condition in the recent days, they were able to make the environment vibrant around there. The fund was provided by the Deerwalk Social Welfare Network. Including Campus Chief, Surendra Nath Adhikari, there were eight volunteers. The program was conducted with the motive of making children forget the stress given by earthquake and enjoy forgetting everything that had happened.

The Youth Club had been organizing several events since a week, and May 29th was the day provided to the DWIT Social Service Club to conduct a program for children. The Social Service Club managed to conduct the program on that day from 4-6 pm. But the program lasted long than it was supposed to be. 70-80 children participated in the program. Including their parents there were more than 100 participants in that program. Anushka Maharjan and Mallika Bhattarai of DWIT hosted the program.

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The program was started by making them do random tasks such as singing, dancing, etc. Dance session was conducted in which all the participants were made to dance by playing the songs.

Then, it was followed by a sketch program during which Pranab Man Singh (architect by profession) provided some of his arts to make children color them.

The club had also managed prize for the winners followed by snacks to the participants. Furthermore, a video of Mr. Bean was shown to make everyone jolly.

The event was a huge success. It was astounding to see the amazing talents of children. Everyone enjoyed the program. A charm was seen in every participant at the end of the program. The president of Social Service Club, Pankaj K.C. said, “We should be doing such events from time to time. By seeing children enjoy and smile, a sort of self satisfaction was gained. We too were passing through such traumatic condition. But by organizing that program, we were able to get ourselves stress-free.”

All Photos By: Pankaj K.C.