Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Social Service Club Organizes Creative writing/drawing Competition

By Simran Parajuli

Photo courtesy: DWIT Social Service club
Social Service club conducted creative writing/drawing competition from January 23 to 25. It was conducted in three different orphanage homes namely Relation-ship Nepal, Anamol Bal Griha and Child Support forum. The program was conducted with a motive of enhancing the creativity level of the children. All the club members gave their best efforts to conduct the event. First of all, they asked permission with the directors of the orphanage for the events. Then they went to the orphanage homes and distributed all the stationery items needed and the event was conducted. Club member Bhawana Yadav says “The children were creative than we had expected them to be. I was amazed to see them. I had a great time helping them.” After the successful conduction of the event, a winner was chosen from each category. They were given prizes. The events ended with a movie session. The members were successful to their motive and provided an opportunity for the children to show their talents. Ultimately, the event was able to meet the goal it was planned for.