Wed, 17 Apr, 2024

The Social Service Club at DWIT Organizes College Cleaning Program

By Aasha Poudel

Photo Courtesy: DWIT Social Service Club With the motive of making DWIT (Deerwalk Institute of Technology) “a plastic free zone”, the Social Service Club at DWIT conducted the “DWIT Cleaning Program” on Sunday, 11th January. The program officially started at 12:00 pm. There were 13 volunteers along with the Campus Chief, Mr. Surendra Adhikari, and Chief Academic Officer, Mr. Hitesh Karki. The program was conducted on the newly acquired land of DWIT. The Club provided gloves, masks and other necessary things to commence the program. All the plastics along with disposable and non-disposable wastes were collected and kept at a specific place. After cleaning the area, the collected disposable wastes were burnt. In the middle of the cleaning program, the club provided a small break with cold drinks. The program ended at around 2:30 pm. After the successful completion of the program, all the volunteers went towards canteen for snacks. Although being covered with sweat, dirt and dust all over the body, the cleaning program was quite fun and brought satisfaction and enthusiasm. Even with few number of volunteers, the program was successful and the hard work and efforts of each volunteer was really appreciated. The DWIT Social Service Club provided a platform where everyone showed their effort  and cooperation skills. Now, let’s see what the other volunteers had to say: Prabina Neupane Vice President of the DWIT Social Service Club The cleanliness program was a great success. With the help of all the volunteers and club members, we were able to clean the area to a great extent. Everyone worked really hard and effort could be seen. Since this was our first time, there were some rooms for improvement which we promise to cover in the course of time. We plan to conduct these kinds of activities more often and we hope for cooperation from everyone. Anushka Maharjan First Semester Student at DWIT Getting involved with this program brought a sense of joy which came after cleaning the field. Even though the sun made us tired, no one left the program. There was much enthusiasm in the students taking part in this activity and I think everyone enjoyed it. I think the club should involve more students into such activities as it encourages a student to volunteer which furthermore helps in their lives. Mallika Bhattrai First Semester Student at DWIT The experience was really good. It was really inspiring to see Campus Chief and Chief Academic Officer join us. We had to clean the ground; there were plastic, clothes and all kind of wastes everywhere. It was really tiring picking up those wastes and burning them but we had a lot of fun doing it. I think it would have been more effective if there were more number of students involved. Abhisekh Khatiwada First Semester Student at DWIT Really a great move but very few number of volunteers. Small things can make a difference. Best of luck! [caption id="attachment_4034" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Photo Courtesy: DWIT Social Service Club Photo Courtesy: DWIT Social Service Club[/caption] Raman Maharjan First Semester Student at DWIT I really liked the cleaning program. I was happy to see the involvement of Campus Chief, Mr. Surendra Adhikari, and Chief Academic Officer, Mr. Hitesh Karki, in that particular program. Although there were few volunteers, all of them did their best and they were happy doing that particular job. I didn’t see sad faces of my friends while they were cleaning the college premises. All of them were having fun. In the coming cleaning program, I would like to see more number of volunteers. Kinar Dahal First Semester Student at DWIT As a member of social service club I had the duty to clean the area. There were plastics and dirt all over the field. We didn't succeed in fully cleaning the premises but we did clean a part of it and have planned on completing the cleaning of the ground in the next cleaning program. Bishal Timalsina First Semester Student at DWIT The work was  fun. We worked hard despite being tired. Just as we were getting tired, one of the members would crack a joke and we all would laugh along. The presence of the college Chief and Director working along with us made us feel more proud. It was a great activity conducted by the Social Service Club. We being the students must help the college, and the club had provided us with the chance. I believe the club is doing  good work by organizing such events and encouraging the students to participate in such events. Despite of not being able to complete cleaning the entire ground, we were able to clean most of the part and the program was a success. Subin Shrestha Second Semester Student at DWIT The idea about cleanliness is totally cool. Even more, to participate in a particular event of cleaning our own college compound is glorious.  Despite dirt and garbage, the applaudable efforts to save the environment by the members and the volunteers were and are worthy of respect because of their cooperation from the initial. About the overall activity, the disposal of waste lacked preparation and plans. I felt bad about it. We burned them and yet campaigned for sanitation!! Even though there were limitations in this activity, we engaged in helping as much as possible. And we wholeheartedly appreciate to get involved.