Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

"Smile and Let Smile," Says Ruby Shrestha

By Ashmita Thapa

Ruby, current sophomore student at DWIT and the president of the DWIT News club, had given us an opportunity to know her better. She had shared some of her humorous experiences, her dreams, her desires and some commendable thoughts with us in the afternoon of 3rd January. 1. When have you been most satisfied in your life? Nothing can be compared to seeing the happy faces of my parents to me. To see my parents swell with pride is my objective in life. When I was awarded the certificate of Nepal Topper in Computing during my A-levels, my parents were the most happy ones; they were even happier than me. I still remember those wide smiles on their faces reflecting pride. That moment has been the most satisfying one to me. I vow to do a lot more for them. 2. What, according to you, is the essence of being a woman? Yes, there is the existence of this conventional thinking within people that women have the ability to control household, their husband, their child and the entire family and this, they consider, is the essence of being a woman. However, I do not feel like agreeing to such people. I do not want to limit the essence of being a woman within the boundaries of house and family. Actually, being a woman is a lot more than that. Women have the ability to blossom a new life on Earth which means they have a control over the ecosystem. Further, it is said that breast milk increases IQ of a child. So, she kind of has the ability to help a child on increasing his/her intelligence. Many might find this funny, however I believe in it. Again, thinking from a different view point, since the primitive days, women have been facing discrimination. So, directly or indirectly, they have the power of resilience and tolerance, which if used in other fields of work/circumstances, besides facing discrimination, can be turn out to be helpful. The discrimination has lessened a lot from our society. Why? Because women voiced out. So a woman has this ability to change things as well. There are many other cases where women have been able to change thoughts of people, lead them to a better path, and help them become a good human through their power of love and care. So as I said earlier, there’s a lot that comes under the essence of being a woman, a lady. The essence of being a woman is to be free and help other fellow ladies to be free. Lastly, feminine is no less, feminine is awesome!  3. What is your least favorite thing about humanity? Instead of trying to show off humanity by giving few rupees to child beggars, one should try to help them by associating them with any orphanage or childcare homes, or one can even provide them with food, education or shelter if possible. Children do not have the sense of how to spend the money wisely; they might even get involved in drug addictions and many more. So, I think we should not try to help them by giving a few coins from our pockets. 4. If there would be no rules for one day, and you could do something unusual what would it be, and why? Many who do not know me very well think that I am this silent kind of lady. However, when you ask my friends about me, you’ll get a complete different picture of me. I am fond of having fun with friends. I am fond of adventures like rafting, sky diving and many more. If I could do something unusual, I would like to go on a long vacation with friends, out breaking the conventional thinking of society and my family that girls should not go out for night stay. Also, I would go out and have lots of fun; I’ll go clubbing with my friends, dance the night out, and live freely. I would go for all the adventures I have been dreaming of. I would live my life to the fullest not caring about the oppression I face due to the conventional thoughts of some people! 5.  If there was a movie produced about your life, whom would you want to play as your character, and why? A friend is the one who knows you who you are, understands where you have been, so if there is anyone who could play my role, it would be my best friend from fourth standard, Anjalee. Anjalee, my best friend is quite humorous, fun loving and adventurous (like me). So she would perfectly fit my character. Hence I would want her to play my character and make the movie more lively and fun! 6. If you could get any super power which super power would you want and why? My father says that I kind of have a revolutionary nature. I do not know if that is true. May be he says so because I keep having discussions with my mom and aunts when they come up with primitive thinking about females. I hate gender discrimination. So, if I could get any super power, I would like to have the super power which could change the thoughts of society about women. I would like to eradicate the conventional thoughts that women are made only for household chores. I would like to establish a new era where there will be no trace of gender discrimination. 7. If there was a time machine where would you go and why? I would like to return to my school life. Life was happy and fun then. Ah! It was so much fun. I met my best friend when I was in grade four and I had this awesome friend circle. I was studious, but I had funny and naughty parts as well. When anyone harmed my friend(s), I and my other friends used to fight and voice out. My friends and I used to have different hair styles which weren't allowed in school and sometimes used to get caught for that. Running around the corridors, playing hide and seek, catch and catch, london stop even in grade ten, shouting at others for friends and crying together in each other's grievances, having those mini heartbreaks, trying out new things, going to new places, partying, sometimes bunking classes, running away from the principal and hiding in the washroom with the fear of getting punished, however sometimes getting caught and punished together, and so on was all fun indeed. We were kids, fun kids actually. I want to experience all those again. Hence, school life is where I would certainly like to return. 8. If you won a lottery what would you do with that amount? I would donate the 25% of the sum to help the orphans and other poor children, and with the rest of the money I would go on a world tour to live an adventurous life, exploring the world, learning different cultures. 9. Who is your role model, and why? I idolize my parents. My mother is always there to support me emotionally and my father always motivates me to bring changes in the world through my work and do well in whatever I do. So, there is my mother, goddess of love and care, and there is my father, god of strength and optimism. They are my role models and I love them! 10. If you have to say yourself two words what would you say? I consider myself to be a little pessimist. My parents always tell me to correct this nature of mine. However, I think that a lot of expectations and optimism hurt when things do not go in the track that we want them to go in. So normally I have these negative thoughts in my mind. But now, I think that positivity has a different kind of energy. Therefore, I would like to say “BE POSITIVE” to myself. I reckon and hope that this will help me to stay confident in any situation. 11. At last, what is your favorite quote and why? I love reading quotes, especially those which match with my life. Amongst many favorite quotes, the one that I remember vividly and believe in is the one from Karate Kid. Jackie Chan says this quotation to Jaden Smith in the movie.

"When life knocks you down, it is you who is to choose whether or not to back up again!"

I find it inspiring. When I first heard this quote, it gave me certain energy. Hence, whenever I feel low, I read such quotes and feel energized again. By the way, this also comes under my habits, which many don’t know. :P