Tue, 30 May, 2023

From Small Conversations To Significant Information

By Ruby Shrestha

Photo: Having quality conversation with the smiley bajai Photo Courtesy: Sneha Parajuli

prayfornepalSometimes, even small conversations open door to significant information. Having brief conversation with the locals in and around Bhaktapur Durbar Square area was worth the time and was worth sharing. So, here they go:

[caption id="attachment_6513" align="alignleft" width="300"]Man involved in rubble clearance Photo Courtesy: Ruby Shrestha Man involved in rubble clearance
Photo Courtesy: Ruby Shrestha[/caption]

A man who was involved in rubble clearance:

“I was clearing the rubbles of a demolished house. I found a bottle of local alcohol. Without anyone’s notice, I drank it. I believe it took away my fear of encountering a dead body and my terror of being crushed by the fall of the cracked house beside which I was working.”

What the young man said clearly demonstrates the fear that people involved in rubble clearance have. Yet, with all courage and hope, they work selflessly for their fellow citizens and country. Salute to them!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [caption id="attachment_6514" align="alignright" width="300"]Armed Police Force : "Satya Sewa Sanrakshyan" meaning "Truth Help Protection" Armed Police Force : "Satya Sewa Sanrakshyan" meaning "Truth Help Protection"
Photo Courtesy: http://fdm.com.np/[/caption]

A member of A.P.F (Armed Police Force):

“Some locals are helpful. However, we have also come across some people who make us work for their self benefit rather than benefit of the entire community. Some people tell us to dig up an area telling us that their community member is trapped inside, or sometimes by telling us that there is high probability of presence of a dead body inside, but later we figure out that they make us work in order to find their stuff such as cupboard, money, and so forth. The government has got us involved to find out dead bodies in order to help prevent epidemic resulting from them, but such people are hindering our work.”

This explicitly indicates that there are two groups of people: First, the police and army personnel, who, irrespective of their individual situation, work for their country and its citizens; second, the people who put their individual needs above those of others and manipulate the ones, who are working selflessly, for their own benefit.


A man living in a tent near the dumping site:

When asked, “You live near the dumping site. You need to wash your hands properly before eating anything. I hope you do, don’t you?”

The Man: “Khana lai ta paani chaina. Tyo thaha paikana haat kasari dhune!” which means, “We do not have enough water to drink. Knowing that, how are we supposed to use the water we have to wash our hands?”

What the man said very well depicts the dire situation that the people of Bhaktapur Bajar, near dumping site, are living in. Hope their situation gets better real soon; our little support can help them.


[caption id="attachment_6515" align="alignleft" width="250"]beautiful old lady Beautiful Smile!
Photo Courtesy: Sneha Parajuli[/caption]

This woman replied to our glance with her beautiful smile, which compelled us to initiate a conversation with her. She was native to Bhaktapur, so only understood Newari. I had a difficult time trying to continue the conversation since I am not a good Newari speaker. :P

Me: “Were you not afraid during the quake?”

The woman: “Why wouldn’t I be afraid? I was very scared. My grandchildren carried me to a safe place.”

Me: “How are you feeling now? Is everything ok?”

The woman: “Yes, my house and family are fine. But, I still have this fear that it will be back again. The earthquake, I saw it crumble down houses. That was scary and that visual keeps scaring me!”

This indicates how earthquake has left a trauma and fear within people of Nepal. It has left none unaffected. The aura of fear it left behind still persists.