Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

The Sleeping Dog

By Bibek Adhikari

My dog sleeps, On my porch... Ah, how neatly he sleeps, With his wicked paws and posture, With his shimmering luster, From his fur, With unfeeling blood flowing through his veins... With an odd geology, A bent curve! I would like to sleep like my dog, And, dream about bones like he does... Just dream, and sleep Carefree, content, and elusive... And, nothing more !! This is what I adore !! The undulate sleep, Of my dog, When the night flows like dark water... Gushing through his veins A nirvana... A content slumber, As if he meditates in his dreams, Controlling the obscurity of his prowess, Clenching his relentless heart, And, the great ruff of his inner soul... An eternal peace Clinging like a dew drop on the petals of morning lotus, Quiet as the primordial cemetery, No motion; an absolute rest... Against the law of nature, So mature... So meditative... In leisure, in content My dog sleeps !! (Bibek Adhikari is a student of engineering by academics and a poet by choice. Currently, he is working on his debut anthology of poetry. He can be reached at [email protected])