Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

From Above the Sky

By Sneha Parajuli

From above the sky Have you ever imagined how the world looks from above the sky? No, right? I haven’t either. I think if we start imagining it, we will get nothing but disappointment. The world is full of people who are so busy with their life that they have forgotten thinking about others. But if we look at the bright side we might be able to find some good people. I see a happy family going for a picnic to a beautiful park where the children are happily chasing the butterflies. I see so much love and innocence in their eyes. But unfortunately,the number of bad people is increasing rapidly because they have started influencing the good people as well. I see different classes of people living under the same roof. I see one part of the world starving on the road due to lack of food and suffering from poverty and the other part with rich people having the best days of their life with all their requirements fulfilled. I also see tears filled in the hearts of people who are unnoticed because they have been haunted bymisery throughout their lives. I see an artificial world where people are not themselves. They have forgotton the true meaning of humanity. They have started treating their own brothers as their enemy. World is full of competition rather than mutual cooperation. Feeling of brotherhood seems to be disappearing from the world. People have started fighting with each other. They have become senseless and have starting killing their own sons and raping their own daughters. In this world people seem insecure from their beloved ones which is unnatural. We can also see the number of animals decreasing day by day. A lot of wild animals are going extinct. Green plants and trees are turning into barren lands and big buildings are being raised. I see the baby birds waiting for their mothers to come back with food. I see street dogs dying every minute and people not caring about it. I see so much pain in the world. I couldn’t find much difference between the street children and those street dogs because they are also treated inhumanely. The world looks so naked because of these changes. When will the world be just like before? When will the peoples’ heart fill with love and kindness? When will the baby birds finally meet their mother? Imagining the world this way is so difficult for me, i can’t imagine how disgraced god feels. How can he look at his own creation being destroyed?