Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

A Sixth-Semester Student Selected as Deerwalk Construction Company Intern

By Ashish Bikram Lamichane

Photo Courtesy: Sharun Sangat

Deerwalk Inc has recently formed its very own Deerwalk Construction Company. The construction works have been started and the company's first job is to maintain and reconstruct the Deerwalk buildings damaged by the earthquake. We know that IT has a wide reach in almost every sector of the community and similar is the case with the Deerwalk Construction Company. The company needed IT personnel to create a web-site of the company, to manage the web-site and to do other IT related works. So the opportunity came banging the doors of the DWIT students. An email was sent regarding the necessity of an IT personnel and any student of DWIT could apply for the job. Among the interested candidates, Pratik Budhathoki, currently studying in the sixth semester, was selected for the job of the IT personnel in the company. His job as an intern will help in his as well as the company's development since it is the first time that a student of DWIT has become an intern of the construction company. We tried to learn about his job as the intern and asked him some questions.

Q) What is your view on getting the position as an intern in the construction company?

It felt good when I found out that I was selected. After being selected, it took me a week to know that the company was at its earliest stage. It had lesser things than I expected. Not knowing who my mentor was and with 0% knowledge about the company, I went to Mr. Hitesh Karki, DWIT Chief Academic Officer, to ask about the work to be done as an intern. Then, I knew that we will be developing the company from the scratch. There were no planning or anything prepared. Only internship was opened and a domain was bought. Knowing this, I was excited. I was excited because I thought that I’ll be experiencing the phases of starting a new company. This in my view is the most important knowledge to have besides the regular ones.

Q) What are the things you will be doing as an intern?

Currently I am assigned to research on the contents of the websites of related companies. Then I guess, I will have to work on developing a site using Wordpress.

Q) How are you keeping record of amount of work you are doing and who is going to be your mentor?

Since it has only been about a week that I have been working, so right now, I am keeping my work time log by myself and a specific mentor has not been assigned.

Q) What do you hope to get from the company to do a better job?

I hope to have a working space as a normal intern somewhere in the company. I am really excited and happy to be working as an intern at Deerwalk Construction Company.