Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Six more add up to the Internship list

By Bidish Acharya

On 5th April 2014, Friday, 6 more students from DWIT were rewarded an internship in the Deerwalk Services (DWS). A couple of months ago, DWIT had organized workshops in different languages. Based on these four weeks of workshops, 6 shortlisted students were rewarded the chance to (l)earn at the Deerwalk Services. The interns were selected from the field of Java and Data Analytics. Sushant Gurung, Sumit Shrestha, and Sanjeev Budha were the selected interns in the field of Java. Starting 14th April, they will work for the Annapurna project under the mentorship of Saban Singh. Similarly, Anish Thakuri, Shankar Khatri, and Sameer Koirala were the students to be selected in the field of Data Analytics. They will work for the Data Analytics Project from 14th April, under the mentorship of Sagar Raj Adhikari. Director of academic affairs, Hitesh Karki shared this news with everyone via e-mail. He even encouraged the students to think of working beyond Deerwalk services. “Why not some big company, multi-national in Pune or Bangalore? Alok and I can provide some help when the time comes!” He added. According to him, the interns are all but sure of getting paid ranging between Rs 60 - Rs 80/hour. They have to dedicate a minimum of 10 – 20 hours per week to these projects. Based on the performances, one might enjoy an increased remuneration or might get pulled off from the projects anytime. He reinforced his stand that academic is always the primary concern of DWIT and if anyone fails to fare it well, he deserves every right to pull him/her off from the projects. Furthermore, he asked all the students to stop making excuses and mend the ways now on for good. He encouraged all the students to excel in the extra activities and the academics at the same time. He added, “Together, let’s try having a role, big or small, in this beautiful story that we are writing every single day.” With the addition of these students, there are in total 10 DWIT students now working for Deerwalk.   For additional information, contact: Alok Koirala, Asst. Director, Research and Development – DWIT; Email: [email protected]; Phone: 4-485424.